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Quite possibly the 2nd biggest purchase of your life, it’s an important decision. Sometimes it’s a difficult decision to make though. There are so many different varieties of cars, trucks and SUV’s on the roads today. There has also been a recent surge in technology with computers playing a much bigger part in vehicles than they ever have. Recently, there has also been an influx of new safety features that all seem to have crazy long ‘technical’ names (each being different from different manufacturers). Each new feature seems to a step in the direction of autonomous vehicles, or to make our life as the driver, easier and safer. But does it? To learn out all these new features can take time. That’s where we come in. Let us help you figure it out.

Not sure which vehicle is right for you?

Are you torn between two or maybe more different vehicles? Not sure which one would suit your needs more? Send us your question and we’ll do the research for you. It’s up to you if you’d like to remain anonymous for the published post of not, just let us know. Which vehicles are you considering or do you have absolutely no idea where to even start? Let us know as much of the following information;

  • New, nearly new or pre-owned?
  • Do you know if you’d like a car, SUV or pickup truck?
  • FWD, RWD, 4×4, AWD?
  • What will you be using the vehicle for and how often? Example; to take 2 kids to school every day, tow a horse trailer twice a year
  • Ideal budget?
  • What features are a must?
  • Which features would be a bonus?
  • Any other factors that are most important to you; mpg, color, off-road capability, safety, easy to use for car seats, reliability etc.


How to: set up/use a feature.

One of the most common frustrations when changing vehicles is getting used to the new technology. A frequently asked question is, ‘How to set up Bluetooth’ in your car or truck. Still not sure? Tell us which vehicle/phone you have? Is there another feature you’re just not sure about?  For example, we recently featured the RAM 2500 Power Wagon and how to use the winch. (Got a minute to watch a funny video, check it out!) Not sure what a particular button is for, or when to use it? Send us a picture of the button/switch.

Got a question about maintenance or warranty?

Maybe you have a question about maintenance. What is the schedule for your vehicle, what parts are required for which service? How to top up coolant or when to have it replaced? Got a question for a technician?


Want to be featured?

Will Morgan with his 2014 JKU Unlimited Rubicon Jeep

Will Morgan with his 2014 modified JKU Unlimited Rubicon Jeep

Do you have a car, truck or SUV that you absolutely love and want to tell the world (or least a few folks in Wyoming) about it?  Tell us what you have, why you love it so much and what you use it for. Let us help others by sharing your experience. Did you see the video we did about what Jeep owners do?

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