How to remove the ‘Easy-Off’ tailgate on RAM trucks

The RAM easy-off tailgate can be removed from the pickup box for ease of use for mounting an in-bed camper with an overhang. You may also choose to install a tailgate net, louvered or vented tailgate for ease of 5th wheel towing.

Rear view camera and remote keyless entry disconnection

  1. Open the tailgate
  2. Between the end of the truck and tailgate, you’ll have electrical connectors for the backup camera and remote keyless entry. Disconnect these connectors by pushing inward on the locking tab. The locking tab is on the side of the connector.
  3. Connect chassis plug and bracket then tailgate plug. (These parts are provided in the glovebox in new trucks. If they aren’t in the glove box, check the storage bins in the rear floor-if equipped or under the back seats).
  4. Tape the tailgate harness and bracket against the tailgate (forward facing part). This should avoid the connected getting damaged or corroded.

Removing the RAM ‘easy-off’ tailgate

  1. With the tailgate open, make sure it is supported by something underneath.
  2. Unhook the cables on either side by releasing the lock from the pivot
  3. Lift the tailgate up to about a 45° angle
  4. Lift the right side of the tailgate higher to release from hanger bracket
  5. Slide tailgate to the right, releasing the bracket on the left.
  6. Remove tailgate

NB: Mopar makes a point of saying in the owners manual that the tailgate should not be stored loose in the bed of the truck

Fun fact: Driving with the tailgate down or off does not increase fuel efficiency or aerodynamic efficiency. Check it out, TV hit show, Mythbusters actually tried and tested the theory! “Closing the tailgate actually improves fuel efficiency because it creates a type of airflow called a separated bubble within the bed of the truck”.

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2017 RAM 1500 Night Edition                                                              Photo: FCA



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