Did you know that by making certain customizations to your vehicle, you may be voiding the warranty? It depends on the type of part of course as to whether it does or not, but there is a for sure way to customize a RAM 1500 without voiding the warranty.

Or any RAM truck for that matter, or even any Mopar vehicle, because when Mopar is supplying the parts, guess what, they’re covered!

Mopar (short for motor parts) prides itself on testing aftermarket parts and accessories to the same standards as the vehicle. Mopar is basically the OEM too but just specializes in supplying parts and accessories.

Other 3rd party aftermarket suppliers may not have access to vehicles to test their parts like Mopar can.


In fact, some Mopar parts are fitted just down the road from the vehicle factory itself, such as spray-in bedliners. This means the parts are fitted at the best possible time, and by expert technicians, who literally do that all day, vs Bob down the road that just turned 16 and got his first paint sprayer and Facebook business page.

The downside of customizing a truck

Aftermarket light bars. Ahhhh, yes, have you ever seen the wiring for these? I’m not an electrician or a technician for that matter, but it when comes to wiring it’s nice to have it all match and be tucked away neatly.

Almost like it’s designed for the exact truck, vs a ‘universal’ one where the wires aren’t quite long enough or are hanging out all over the place.

Lift kits. This could be a whole other article so I’ll keep it short (not lifted)(bad pun)(sorry). You see a great deal on a 6″ lift kit, some wheels, and tires. You buy it. Who can’t resist a bargain right? The truck is going to look so bad a** when you pull into work next week. But, you can’t figure out how to fit it because you need specialized tools. So… you pay your buddies best friends neighbor to fit it.

Everything is hunky-dory, truck is lookin’ good! 1 year later, wheel bearings go, steering isn’t quite right and oh… there goes the transfer case and driveshafts.

Hello dealer, please can you fix my truck?

Sure, that’ll be 10 million dollars, please.

What? Isn’t it covered by warranty?

No sir, those are aftermarket parts not fitted by a certified technician therefor any related component failure is not covered.


Catching my drift here?

So how do you customize a RAM 1500 without voiding the warranty?

You get OEM parts ie. Mopar for RAM, and get the manufacturer (order from the factory) or dealer to fit them for you. That way everything is still covered. And yes Mopar makes their own lift kits too.

For example, this Moparized (not sure if that’s a real word or not) RAM 1500 started life as a Big Horn.

custom mopar ram 1500


This particular RAM 1500 has the following Mopar parts;


customize a RAM 1500 without voiding warranty




Truck Bed Storage System with lockable, sliding drawers.


Mopar custom RAM 1500

18 ” Beadlock capable wheels


Mopar doesn’t just do parts for looks, they also do performance parts including crate engines (although not for trucks yet).

I drove the truck pictures above. It has an air intake and exhaust too, which sounds great. Rumbling at slow speeds, but no droning on the highway makes it practical (as in not making you deaf) but still sounding great.


Other non-Mopar parts that don’t affect warranty;

  • Toyo tires


When purchasing the truck brand new, it’s also possible to have the parts/accessories financed in, which means less out of pocket expenses.


Mopar Limited Warranty

“Mopar Parts and Magneti Marelli Offered by Mopar parts replaced on an FCA US LLC vehicle still covered by the FCA US LLC New
Vehicle Basic Limited Warranty are warranted for the remainder of the 3-Year/36,000-Mile New Vehicle Basic Limited Warranty, or
for the Mopar 24-Month Basic Limited Warranty from the original installation date, whichever is more favorable to the customer.”



RAM 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500’s and Jeep Gladiator’s can all be customized with Mopar parts. So now you know how to customize a RAM 1500 without voiding the warranty.  Contact your local Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealership and start customizing!

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