free oil changes with car purchase

What is Fremont Care?

Fremont Care is a 1-year hassle-free maintenance plan to keep your Fremont vehicle purchase protected.

Who doesn’t like hassle-free stuff? Keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition has never been easier with Fremont Care. Routine maintenance not only helps the longevity of your vehicle but is also going to help with the value of your future trade. For lease vehicles, this also helps meet your obligation under your lease agreement to maintain your vehicle.

What is included?

3 Oil Changes

With a purchase of any new or used vehicle from Fremont Motors you automatically get 3 oil changes, all included.

1 Tire Rotation

If that is not enough how about a tire rotation on top that. Rotating the tires allows for more evenly distributed tire wear. This is especially important on 2WD vehicles. On a FWD vehicle, for example, your front two tires are going to wear long before the rear two tires, so if you rotate them before they lose a lot of tread you will get more miles from all your tires. This saves money. Who doesn’t like saving money?

24hr Roadside Assistance

Still not enough? Alright, so you are a bargain hunter, we know it. 24hr Roadside assistance is also included with Fremont Care, just for you! This includes;

  1. Lockout protection
  2. Flat tire changes
  3. Jump starts
  4. Fluid Delivery
  5. Towing for mechanical breakdown and collision recovery

Pretty good deal huh?


You will receive a prepaid maintenance package that fits conveniently in your glove compartment. When you take your vehicle in for its scheduled service, simply present your Fremont Care Maintenance Plan coverage service card to your Fremont Motors service advisor. Your trained technician already know what is covered under your plan, which can save you time whenever you bring your vehicle in for service.

The following services will be performed at each scheduled service visit

Oil and oil filter change

Tire Rotation (one per year) & Multi-Point Inspection that can include;

Fluids inspected and replenished

  • Brake Master Cylinder
  • Clutch Master Cylinder
  • Transmission
  • Differential
  • Coolant
  • Windshield Washer
  • Power Steering
  • Transfer Caser

Visual inspection of;

  • Air Filter (engine and cabin)
  • System Hoses (cracking and leaks)
  • Drive Belts (cracking/damage/wear)
  • Axle Boots (damage/leaks)
  • Shock Absorbers/Suspension
  • PCV Valve (if applicable)
  • Cooling System
  • Exhaust System/Muffler
  • Tire Wear
  • Tire Pressure Check and Adjustment
  • Windshield Wipers

The multi-point inspection of critical components in your vehicle can save you money by identifying potential problems, such as excessive wear. Early detection can reduce the possibility of a part failure.


Extend your Fremont Care Maintenance plan

Several longer-term maintenance plans are available for purchase, and if financed can be conveniently included in your monthly payment (subject to credit approval). Give us a call to find out more or ask your finance manager at your preferred Fremont Motors dealership for more information.


Make a trip out of it

Need an excuse to visit another town? Your Fremont Care Maintenance Plan is valid at any of the Fremont Motor Group locations throughout Wyoming and Nebraska. No matter which brand of vehicle you own, you can take it to any of the following locations;


Already purchased a vehicle from Fremont? Not sure if it has been a year yet, give us a call and we will find out for you. Schedule your car in for maintenance work here, or give your preferred Fremont Motor service dept a call.

When do you need to have your oil changed? Check out the blog on “How To Check Your Oil” or look for the oil percentage calculator on your vehicle.

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