How To Check Your Oil

Oil is essential in your vehicle for lubricating moving engine parts. It’s a good idea to check the level at least once a month.

Later, there will be another blog on different kinds and other information on oil. For now, here is a quick, simple guide to checking your oil levels. If your vehicle has an oil percentage calculator, the vehicle will tell you when it needs an oil change. If not, follow these steps below. Your vehicle should be cold (so you don’t burn your precious fingerprints!), however, some manufacturers recommend a warm engine so check your manufacturer guidelines too.

  1. Locate the engine oil dipstick (usually yellow colored)
How To Check Your Oil


2. Pull the stick out

3. Use a rag (not your sweater because it probably won’t come out!) to wipe the end of the stick.

4. Place the stick back in,

5. Pull the stick out and you will now have your  reading,

6. Look to see two marks on the stick, your reading should be between those two marks,

7. If your level is near the end of the stick below the first mark, this means it is LOW!




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