Ford F-Series Truck

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The Ford F-Series truck (F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450 etc) picked up the award for ‘Hottest Truck’.  “F-Series, the ultimate Swiss army knife of the aftermarket, is a proven favorite for customization into everything from tarmac-shredding drag racers to off-road monsters. America’s best-selling vehicle is now Hottest Truck seven out of eight times in the award’s history” quote Ford. Since 2010, Ford has won around 45% of the ‘Hottest Vehicle’ Awards at SEMA.

Speaking of customizable Ford pickups. Since our record-breaking tornadoes hear in Wyoming this year, I might be addicted to watching Tornado Hunters. Have you seen the Tornado Hunters truck? It’s a pretty awesome custom truck.

Ford Truck Weekend

Ford Focus RS

The Focus had previously won the Sport Compact award at SEMA with ST and RS packages in the lineup. This year the RS took the award for ‘Hottest Hatch’. “Ford has a long history of support and partnership with the aftermarket community, bringing increased options and products for consumers,” said Chris Kersting, SEMA president, and CEO. “F-Series and Focus are just two of the most recent examples of the great vehicles Ford offers for personalization.”

The Focus RS is a 350 hp hatchback that has DRIFT MODE! They are tough to find (Fremont only has 2 in stock and production of this special car will sadly end in 2018). Ford also just announced that they will be releasing a drift stick for owners to add to the drift car. The performance hand brake approved by Ken Block, is electronically controlled. The fancy drift brake will available Dec 1st from Ford Performance Authorised Parts.


SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show is one of the biggest car shows in the U.S. Its purpose includes showcasing the industries newest designs and ideas. The show includes; Collision Repair, Mobile Electronics and Technology, Restyling and Car Care, Tools and Equipment, Racing and Performance, Hot Rods, Restoration, Trucks, SUV’s and Off-Road, Tires, Wheels and more. The show is a trade-only event and not open to the public.

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