Can you fit a snow plow on any truck?




So, can you fit a snow plow on any truck?

Just about. Yes. Heavy duty trucks are preferable due to having more weight, a wider track, and more durable transmissions. Heavy-duty pickup trucks usually have more front weight capability for the truck to be able to hang a heavy plow on. Gasoline engined trucks may not require any modifications to carry a heavier plow versus a diesel. Diesel engined trucks usually weigh more, therefore, weight limits on the truck could restrict the size and type of plow allowed on the truck. Gross vehicle (GVWR) and rear axle weight (RGAW) limitations will determine which size/type of plow you can fit to your truck. Going overweight on your truck will not only increase the likelihood of failing parts, but risk a voided warranty and potential legal problems should something happen. 

Modifications can, however, be made to trucks to enhance capability for carrying a snow plow. 

DRW trucks have more capability as far towing and payload to carry more in the bed, however as a snow plow truck, they are less maneuverable.


What do you need to make a snow plow fit?

If you have the option to purchase the snow plow blade before purchasing a truck, this will allow you to find a truck that fits the need of the blade. It’s potentially easier to find the correct truck first than have to make modifications after the fact to suit your plowing needs. A truck that already comes with a snow plow prep package is ideal. Snow plow prep packages can vary between manufacturers in what is actually included and what is not. Packages can include a 220-amp alternator,  skid plates and /or heavy-duty front suspension. These parts can also be fitted aftermarket if needed.


Can you fit a snow plow on any truck

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Can you fit a snow plow yourself?

Yes, if you are mechanically and electrically inclined. If not, check out your local snow plow dealer for installation, parts and warranty information.


How do you remove a snow plow for summer?

This may depend on the make, model and year of your particular snow plow. Usually, it’s a case of putting down the stands, releasing electrical connections, and driving back.


What are the differences between snow plows? Why are some more expensive than others?

This depends on the type of plow, the condition of the plow, and again the year make a model. Between new snow plows, there are differences in the blade structure, material used and of course what the blade can do. There are straight blades, V-blades, and winged blades. Material differences include; steel, iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, and polyethylene(plastic). What type, size or material of snow plow you need will depend on what you are using it for. For short driveways and paths, a polyethylene blade may suffice. For industrial and commercial snow plowing, steel/iron is recommended.


Can you fit a snow plow on any truck

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Where can I buy a snow plow?

Snow plows can be purchased online or through authorized dealers. If you decide to purchase online, be sure to check the specifications match those of your truck.


Tips for plowing snow

Tilting the blade to allows air into the grille of the truck.

Remove the plow for long-distance drives where plowing is not needed. This helps to with cooling the truck and of course the longevity of the truck in general. 

Keep an eye on transmission temperatures. 

For harder packed snow, use momentum before dropping the blade.

Put some extra weight in the bed of the truck (ballast).

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