presents for automobiles

They are part of the family too!

It’s that special time of the year but don’t forget to add your car and/or pickup to your gift list. You know, that trusty piece of metal that gets you to work or the grocery store every day. The one that keeps you warm, the one that gets the kids to school, the one that lights the way.

1. Wireless charging pad

Some vehicles made in the last few years such as the GMC Yukon or can be ordered as an accessory such as this Mopar one.  Depending on the manufacturer and year these wireless charging systems would have to be phone model and vehicle specific. Contact your vehicle manufacturer parts dept to find out how you would add one of these.

For newer vehicles and newer smartphones, there is now a universal wireless charging standard called Qi ( pronounced cheee as in cheese). The Qi system will work with any Qi-enabled device.

To find out if your device is Qi-compatible check here. There are also several 3rd party accessory companies that offer universal or car-specific Qi wireless charging pads, such as BrandMotion.

wireless charging fiat Chrysler dodge jeep ram

2. All weather floor mats


Yeah, it’s boring but it’s super practical. Especially here in Wyoming where I’m writing this. I didn’t even take the plastic protective layer off my carpet when I bought my car. You know, the clear stuff that looks like a big sheet of sellotape that detailers put on the floor. Between snow, mud, and kids there really wasn’t much point. On top of that protective film, is my all-weather slush mats that have in fact enjoyed some mud, sand, squished candy, a few strawberry milkshakes, and hot chocolate thanks to my not-so-careful toddler (nothing to do with my driving).

All-weather mats have saved me countless hours of carpet cleaning and I’m not scared to get in when my boots are caked with mud or snow. Not to mention they are soooo much easier to clean. I’d pull mine out at the car wash and just blast them with the jetwash. Done. These usually run between $60 and $300 depending on the vehicle. Most parts depts. should either have these in stock or can order vehicle specific ones if they do not.

3. Winter wiper blades

Another boring but practical and very safe and perhaps one of the cheapest gift ideas for you or a loved one’s vehicle. Plus, if you purchase winter wiper blades for someone else and wrap it, it’ll torture their mind sitting under the tree. Winter blades are made from a different material designed to withstand much harsher weather conditions. They are usually insulated too, protecting the blade itself from snow.

snow wipers

4. Mud flaps/splash guards

Protect the underside and side of your car or truck with some mudflaps or splash guards. This is especially important if you often run on dirt roads or have chunky aggressive tires fitted as they throw up debris. These can also be found at dealer parts depts. or from aftermarket suppliers.

splash guards
Photo: Chevrolet

5. RamBox Holster

truck gun holder

Well if that isn’t a genius idea. The RamBox Holster will hold up to two rifles/shotguns or swivels round to hold up to 6 fishing rods with reels. Elastic straps can be used to place over the guns to secure. The holster is easily installed and can be placed in either RamBox

6. Hood deflector

Photo: Ford Accessories

Protect your hood from rocks and debris with a hood deflector like this one picture in the Ford F-150 above. OEM ones can be found at your local dealership. Aftermarket accessory companies offer a wide array of colors, patterns, and pictures. If you own a business, have your company name and logo put on there.

7. Fender flares

Give your truck a treat with some bad boy fender flare likes these ones from Bushwacker.

GMC pickup 250
Photo: Bushwacker

9. Light bar/Lights

Not only does it look rad but it’s a functional gift. Increase visibility with a light bar, such as this one by Mopar for the Jeep Wrangler JK. Check with your Jeep dealership local parts dept to check availability for these.

grill guard bumper protector lights
Photo: Mopar

10. Vehicle Air Purifier

Keep your car/truck smelling good with the gift of an air purifier to remove dust, allergens, and smoke. Reviewlab has put together a list of the best ones along with prices, pros, and cons for each one.  Prices for these start at are $19.99 and be purchased online or in stores such as major dept stores.

clean smell car truck
Photo: Amazon

Did we miss something? What do you suggest as a gift to your vehicle or for a family/friends vehicle?