Custom Jeep Builds in Wyoming

Jeep Wranglers are a very popular choice of vehicle in Wyoming. Due to its practicality, ground clearance and 4 wheel drive system, it makes a good choice for the terrain and weather here. Fremont Motors is one of the biggest suppliers of custom Jeep Wranglers and Jeep Gladiators in the state.

The person responsible for most of the design and build of the custom Wrangler’s is veteran sales consultant Justin Sandbak.

American Expedition Vehicle

AEV custom Jeep Wrangler, Photo: L Baures


Justin Sandbak

Based out of the Fremont Casper Casper Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM Truck store, Justin is well involved in the Wyoming Jeep scene.

We interviewed him to find out a little more about the process of custom Wranglers.

Justin Sandbak

Justin Sandbak


What got you interested in Jeeps in particular?

“This is a hard question to answer. I think back when I first started working here at Fremont and started my FCA training, I breezed through everything except the Jeep section.

It was super long ( 25-30 plus questions on the test ) not to mention the different components and four-wheel drive systems Jeep has to offer. It was so confusing but I learned a lot.

I made sure that I would never struggle again with Jeep test! So for me, it started by first wrapping a couple Chargers and RAM Trucks, then I wanted to custom build a couple RAM 2500’s by adding a lift and crazy wheels and tires etc.

They just kept selling and I ran out of ideas and so I started doing little lifts and army stars on a hand full of JK’s and JKU’s.

Then one day I was asked if I could do anything I wanted to do on a Jeep what would I do and present it to my manager.

So I built the Toxic Wrangler !!! It lasted less than 24 hours after it was on the lot for sale and it’s been awesome ever since.”


What exactly is a custom Jeep?

“A custom Jeep is anything other than factory or stock. Examples would be like new set wheels or a decal, anything you can think of or do.

That’s what’s so awesome about Jeep !!! A million and one ways to make it different.”


Why customize a Wrangler?

“Most people who own a Jeep Wrangler customize it for the looks. New wheels and tires are always the first.

Then the body modifications (bumpers, winch, body armor, etc) then there’s the crazy customs.

The rock crawler mods and motor mods, the more extreme people seeking the full potential of their rig.”

Do you use certain brands for parts and why?

“Yes, some brands are better than others. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for ‘ is so true in the Jeep world.

I try to use most of the people and companies that support us. I have met a few like Dennis from TeraFlex and pretty much the whole crew at AEV and they help us out a lot on new parts and equipment.

We also use, Daystar, FabFours, and Superwinch to name a few.”


How do these modifications affect the vehicle’s warranty?

Most all of our components are warranty items. We stay within the guidelines and make sure every customer’s safety is the priority.”


What if I wanted to choose how I exactly want my custom Jeep?

This is a good question. I always tell my customers that you will spend the extra $20k now on this super cool build or spend $20k plus over the next 5 years. I start by thinking what is this Jeep going to be used for?

Lite trail use or extreme ..And is it going to be a daily driver or a weekend warrior.

What is most important to you? Looks or performance? What can you live and live without and we take it from there and customize your own build together.”

 Jeep Wrangler with tent, on beach

Jeep Wrangler with tent, Photo: Luke Bender


Can I do it myself?

“Ye, of course, you can do a lot of custom upgrades. Most people do it all the time.

I do however suggest things like the lift should be professionally installed and for warranty purposes if brand new Jeep.”


What are the advantages of buying a new custom Jeep Wangler from Fremont Motors?

I do believe I said it earlier that you can absorb the parts and time now or nickel and dime one part at a time lol. I do my best to keep a variety in stock to please every buyer.

Plus warranty, oil changes, tire rotation, and roadside assistance are all included.  It’s ready for whatever you bring at it… work or pleasure.”


How long does it take to build?

“Typical time if all parts and pieces or in stock and ordered take about a week from start to finish.

Some of my builds have taken a little longer such as one that took 4 months because of custom ordered 22’ wheels.”


How do I go about ordering one or buying one?

The best way to go about ordering one is to contact me [email protected] or 3072378491. Stop in and check us out or online at or Fremont customs. We have financing options available as well.”


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Here is a gallery of just some of the custom builds Justin has done at Fremont Motors.