Want to spice up your car with a nice plate?  Now that there is a new WY license plate out with the Green River Lake and Squaretop Mountain design, new prestige plates are available.

What is a prestige plate?

A prestige plate is a license plate for your vehicle that you can customize the numbers and/or letters on. Sometimes known as private plates, personalized plates, or vanity plates.

How much do they cost?

Aside from all the other costs associated with going to the DMV to pay sales tax etc, just the costs for a prestige plate is $30. If you want to spend more, embossed plates are available for extra $50.

What letters/numbers will be on there as standard?

You county number will be on there. Pickup trucks and commercial vehicles will now have a ‘T’ for truck or ‘C’ for commercial after the county number, before the bucking horse logo. County’s with two digits will now have those number stacked. For example, Fremont County will now have the 1 at the top left and the 0 bottom left to represent county 10.

What can I have on my prestige plate?

private number

You can have most combinations of up to 5 characters. A combination of letter numbers and spaces are allowed. For example, if you are a manager, you could have ‘MANGR’. Love your Jeep? How about ‘JEEP’. Live in Sheridan and work as a barber, you could use the county 3 number as a B and make something up like ‘3- ARBER’. There are literally endless combinations of what you could come up.

Restrictions include;

  • Must be capital letters
  • No symbols
  • No more than three W’s or M’s (presumably because it’s hard to read?)
  • Not just numbers unless the first number is a 0
  • All numbers followed by a single letter (example of not allowed 11A, 12B, 123C)
  • Nothing “obscene, vulgar, indecent, or pruriently suggestive”
  • Duplicates are also not allowed

So other than those terms, that still leaves a huge number of possibilities for you to choose from.

Exempt vehicles

Vehicles for sale, or licensed demonstrators at dealerships. Radio Amateur plated vehicles, apportioned vehicles, and ones with specialty plates.

Where do I get prestige plates?

You can contact your local county clerk for more information, or print out an application form online.

The easiest way is to order online. To see if the combination you want is available, check out the DMV website here.

What combination would you get?