What is WROS?

WROS means, “With Rights Of Survivorship”, which is used on vehicle titles in Nebraska.


The title to a motor vehicle will indicate ownership by more than one person. Names of the people on the title are separated by the word, “OR”. The term “With Rights Of Survivorship” may also be used.

This means, if one of the owners were to pass away, the other person on the title may transfer ownership of the vehicle. The survivor can transfer ownership by assigning the title to the next buyer. Submit a copy of the death certificate to the local county official.


The Nebraska DMV states that “Joint Ownership – Without Rights of Survivorship: Certificates of Title issued in Joint Ownership where the names are separated with the words AND or AND/OR, do not carry the same meaning as With Rights Of Survivorship.”

If the term With Rights Of Survivorship does not appear on the title document, the survivor name on the title cannot obtain a title in their name until a county judge decides, in probate proceedings, that the survivor has the right to ownership of the vehicle”.1


In Wyoming, If you are the heir to a vehicle and your name is on the title, you can apply for a new title solely in your name by visiting your county clerk with:

If you choose to sell the vehicle rather than transfer it in your own name, follow the steps prescribed above. You can also check Selling a Wyoming Vehicle. Provide the buyer with a certified copy of the death certificate. 2