Will Morgan Will Morgan with his 2014 JKU Unlimited Rubicon Jeep

Will Morgan, from Casper Wyoming, has a plethora of Jeeps and is a mountain of knowledge for these machines. He currently drives a 2014 JKU Unlimited Rubicon as his daily driver.

Growing up around Jeeps as a young boy Will has been involved with them ever since. His first car was a Jeep, back in 1975 he had a CJ5 and learned to drive a manual transmission. Will previously worked for Jeep (the manufacturer directly) and now works as an off-road instructor in Wyoming, certified by the I4WDTA® (International Four Wheel Drive Trainers Association).

When arranging the interview with Will, we were trying to arrange a good time to meet within his busy schedule, he said something along the lines of, “well I have to put a transfer case back in tonight, so how about tomorrow?”  

Will produces his own ‘how-to’ videos on modifying Jeeps for off-road performance. He also writes articles for several Jeep and off-road magazine publications. Talk about talent right here on our doorstep!

A world of knowledge

Fremont Jeep

Will’s experience and knowledge of the Jeep lifestyle have taken him all over the world for events including in China. He told a story about when he was in a foreign country standing next to a guy who didn’t speak English but was wearing Jeep branded clothing. Of course, so was Will, so they were able to smile and acknowledge each other on a shared passion.

Just like a motorcycle club or classic car enthusiasts, Jeep has a cult following that extends beyond the borders of America. A symbol of Americana, freedom, and the outdoors.

When you think of Jeep, a synonym might be adventure, and that’s exactly what Will experienced when himself and a fellow Jeeper traveled across Route 66 in a Willy’s Jeep. The Willy’s Jeep that they purchased is a little special. The previous owner was a war veteran who originally bought it after seeing the capabilities of Willy’s during the war.

This same owner kept the Jeep for 60 years until Will Morgan came along. This was the one that was to be driven in a nostalgic journey across the country. Speed limitations of the vehicle meant that some major Interstate sections had to be re-routed. The video for this adventure was published by Jeep®.

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