What is FordPass?

Ford Pass
Ford Pass App. Photo: Ford

FordPass is a smartphone app which allows a lot of extra features, and information on the vehicle. It’s almost comparable to a reduced size owners manual but better and more interactive. There are also badges to earn and perks to be had.

How much does FordPass Cost?

The FordPass App is free and can be downloaded onto your smartphone. For iPhone users find the FordPass app in the Apple App store. Also compatible with Apple Watch.

Ford Pass App Icon

It even allows control of the vehicle remotely (when SYNC Connect is also active).

FordPass app features include;

  • Set a preferred Ford dealership.
  • The ability to schedule maintenance and servicing through the smartphone app with your preferred Ford dealership.
  • Find a Ford dealership.
  • Keep track of past and future services.
  • View warranty information and schedules.
  • Access your Ford Credit Account (if financed through Ford Credit).
  • Contact Ford Credit representative (if applicable).
  • Contact roadside assistance.
  • Call, chat or email for a Guide.
  • Browse tutorials
  • Get directions and prices to fuel locations.
  • Save preferred fuel stations.

When using alongside an active SYNC Connect account, the smartphone app also allows;

  • Remote start of the vehicle
  • Lock and unlock the vehicle remotely
  • Vehicle location
FordPass Map
FordPass App with Sync Connect allows remote start from your smartphone. Photo: Ford

How to activate FordPass

To activate FordPass;

  1. Download the FordPass app. For iPhone download from the App store, and for Android phones, the Google Play store.
  2. Enter your Ford Owners account login information. (If you do not already have a Ford Owners account, you can set one up within the app at this point).
  3. Create a touch ID or 4 digit pin for security.
  4. Enter your vehicle information, by selecting My Vehicles, Add Vehicle, enter your vehicle VIN number (or scan it). Click here to find out how find your VIN if you’re not sure where it is.
  5. Select Finish.
  6. Activate.

FordPass activation can also be done from the Vehicle Controls card in FordPass.

What is SYNC Connect?

Sync Connect allows more connectivity between your Ford vehicle and your smartphone. Using a 4G LTE modem in the vehicle, you can; remote start the vehicle from your phone (using FordPass App), set a remote start schedule, check fuel levels, and get vehicle health reports.

activate sync connect
Members who own Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC Connect can use FordPass to access vehicle features such as remote start; lock and unlock; fuel, oil and battery levels and tire pressure readings.


For some 2018 and newer Ford vehicles, you can turn your vehicle into a WiFi hotspot. This allows for connection of up to 10 devices. This WiFi service requires a data package through AT&T.

On WiFi-equipped vehicles, there is a complementary 3GB (or 3 months whichever expires first) trial upon purchase of the vehicle.

Is Sync Connect free?

Yes. For the first 5 years from the original first sale of the vehicle. For example, if the Sync Connect equipped vehicle is purchased in 2019 the service will be active until 2024.

Sync Connect is available on select 2017 and newer Ford models.


How to activate Ford Sync Connect


If your vehicle is equipped with For Sync Connect, follow the directions in the video above or read to find out how.

  1. Set up FordPass as explained above.
  2. After activating, go to your vehicle and start it.
  3. A pop-up message will appear on your SYNC touchscreen, touch Allow.
  4. Remote start features will shortly appear on the FordPass app home screen on your phone.


Is my vehicle Ford Pass Connect compatible?

Check here to see if your vehicle is listed.



For more information or help with Ford Pass, contact your preferred Ford dealership, or go to owner.ford.com.