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The sheet on the window of a used vehicle says “AS-IS” car, what does that mean?

AS-IS pretty much means just that. The vehicle is sold just as it is. So for example, if there is a dent on the rear passenger side door, it will not be fixed. The dealership will not put any extras money into the vehicle. There is no warranty with AS-IS vehicles.

It’s still better than buying a used car from a private buyer.

The vehicle is usually sold as it because is it an older vehicle. Most likely too old or has too many miles to be covered by a manufacturer warranty. The vehicle does, however, go through a safety inspection. All the major safety components are checked so you know that a wheel isn’t going to fall off just as you drive off the lot. Whereas if you were to buy privately from a random Craiglist add, not only do you risk getting mugged but you only have sellers word. Wyoming is a buyer beware State so if a wheel did fall off you really don’t have any come-back.

Another good point about AS-IS vehicles is that all the fluids will be topped up so you can have peace of mind that you aren’t going to have splurge out on oil (could get expensive on a diesel) or coolant.

Temp tags

As-Is vehicles bought from a dealership are eligible for temp tags. Again, something that you wouldn’t get with a private sale. Temp tags are now good for 60 days. It used to be 45 but that recently changed, so that gives you almost 2 months to save up for sales tax and plates.


vehicle servicing at Fremont with all used cars

All Fremont Motors vehicles are entitled to the Fremont Care maintenance plan. This includes AS-IS vehicles. It is good for 3 oil changes and 1 tire rotation within a year. This is not a common place offering on used vehicles at most car dealerships in the State.

Service Contracts

Although there is no warranty with an AS-IS used vehicle, it may still be possible to purchase a service contract/warranty. The level of coverage will depend on how much money you want to invest upfront. The year and mileage will also have an impact on the price. Do some research and figure out if there are known problems with that particular vehicle at that age and mileage and make a decision as to whether you risk it and pay for it when it happens or have peace of mind with a service contract if the price is justifiable.