In a nutshell, these are both vehicle history reports sourced by the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

CarFax and Autocheck are two different companies that provide vehicle reports.

What is a vehicle history report?

Users can see mileage reports, salvage titles, lemon history and accident history that is reported. Other information might also include the number of previous owners or where the vehicle came from.

Why is a vehicle history report important?

Vehicle history reports are a great tool to use when shopping for used or pre-owned vehicles.

Having these reports allows you to compare vehicles.

Say there are two vehicles for sale but you can’t choose between the two. One may have been in an accident, but after it’s fixed, the average person may never be able to tell from looking at it.

carfax and autocheck

Whilst the vehicle may look like it has never been in a wreck, not all auto body shops use original parts. Some may use cheap aftermarket parts that aren’t structurally as strong as original manufacturer parts.

Vehicle history reports allow you to make a better-informed decision on the vehicles in question.

Knowing if the vehicle was owned in a certain state may also be beneficial to making a decision. A vehicle from a coastal state could potentially have more rust.

Knowing how many owners the vehicle has had is helpful and sometimes a clue to a bad egg. Has the vehicle had more than 10 owners in the last year?  This is a sign something major is wrong.

Be aware, though, that the reports are only as good as the information that has been reported.

If someone decides to fix their vehicle themselves, the accident may not be on the report. There could also be a delay on the relay of information. Reputable auto dealers run a CarFax or Autocheck report before they hit the lot for sale.

Is there a difference between CarFax and Autocheck?


Autocheck has a system in place to track auction vehicles allowing more information available for scoring. Autocheck is the only company that currently offers this scoring system.

“The AutoCheck Score is rated on a scale of 1 to 100, where a higher score equals less risk. Also included in the Score is the Score Range, which will tell you how the vehicle compares to other similar vehicles. The Score is based on many factors, including the vehicle’s age, mileage, and the number of owners,” says AutoCheck.

You can check out the differences on the AutoCheck website.

True market value is more accurate thanks to the reports.  CarFax and Autocheck both offer great information. Autocheck does offer a little more information.

Always ask to see a copy of the report when shopping for a used vehicle at a dealership. Now you know, ‘What is a CarFax Autocheck”.

Fremont Motors uses Autocheck for every pre-owned vehicle and the reports are available for you to look at.

Has a CarFax or Autocheck report ever helped you decide for or against a vehicle?