A pop culture icon of 60s, the VW Bus/Transporter/Kombi/Microbus/Camper was a must have for hippies and/or surfers alike. I can say I have been lucky enough to ride in a few of these back home during my surfing phase.

They really were perfect, being able to fit a surfboard and sleep a few people, making for some really fun camping/surfing adventures.

There is indeed a sixth-generation microbus made today. The Volkswagon Transporter Kombi and Caravelle are available from Volkswagon Commercial. Compared to the original camper, they are boring though, and have absolutely no personality. Yes, they get the job done if you’re transporting 9 people.

They Make great vehicles for hotel and airport shuttles but they just don’t have the character or excitement of the original bus. You’re not going to look at your reflection driving alongside a glass building. You aren’t going to feel a sense of pride or belonging owning one either.

It’s about time Volkswagon did something about this and it might just be coming, in even better form!

The I.D. BUZZ Concept

Image: VW

The third microbus concept by VW, this one might jut be the one.

  • All Electric driving range of 270 miles
  • 8 seater and 2 luggage compartments
  • Electric All-Wheel Drive with 2 motors and 369hp
  • Heads-up display that projects info via an augmented reality
  • Flexible center console with tablet display
  • Beats (R) Bluetooth (R) loudspeakers that can be used outside the vehicle

Even without the fully autonomous driving capability, this vehicle could be completely legit and could definitely strike a cord with the adventurous campers, snowboarders, surfers, hippies, travelers.  Even parents that have contributed to future human population exponentially have a use for this vehicle.

“The “I.D. BUZZ” name was hardly an arbitrary choice. I.D. stands for “Identity,” “Idea,” “Individual,” “Intelligent” and “Iconic Design”. BUZZ, on the other hand, is a phonetic word play on “bus” and refers to the silent “buzzing” of the drive system.” 1

Where would you go and what would do with one?