Automotive Performance Research (APR) is a highly regarded tuning and performance company. They are specialists in German marques such as Volkswagen, Auto, Porsche and even the Italian Lamborghini’s. Founded in 1997, their mission is to provide the highest quality and most highly engineered aftermarket performance products


Performance tuning now available in Casper, WY

The only APR performance shop in Wyoming, Fremont Motors in Casper can now tune Volkswagen vehicles (Audi, Porsche or Lambo!) Not just limited to Golf GTI’s or Golf R’s though, Passat’s, Jetta’s and more can also be tuned. Increasing horsepower can be done by adding performance parts and software mapping.

Check out this video of the carbon fiber air intake getting fitted. Parts manager Jeff Bugher also tells us a little about APR and Colbey Day shows us his Stage 2 Golf R.




Various packages (stages of tuning) are available, from a basic stage 1 tune to a full race ready stage 3 tune. A stage 1 tune with an APR plus package will also include a warranty. Finding a warranty for performance tuned cars is not something that should be taken lightly. Typically adding aftermarket parts or reprogramming the computer in your vehicle would normally void any warranty.


Colbey Day’s Golf R

Fremont Casoer

Colbey Day’s Golf R


Fremont Volkswagen salesman, Colbey Day recently had stage 2 work done on his Golf R. Parts included an air intake, downpipe, exhaust and software remap. This took his car from 292 hp to around 360 hp. He says the car is transformed and now much faster and better. Although it doesn’t stop at that, as anyone with the ‘tuning bug’ will know, there’s always more to do.  The exhaust ‘cackle’ is enough to make any enthusiast grin like a kid in a candy store.