Update:10/5/2018. You do not need a VIN inspection if you purchase a vehicle brand new from out of State. You will need the Manufacturers Statement of Origin that will come with the vehicle. 

What is a VIN?

A VIN is your Vehicle Identification Number that is a 17 digit code, that is unique to your vehicle. It enables insurance companies, auto dealers, and law enforcement to bring up the year and model specific information on the vehicle.

Do I need a VIN inspection?

You will only need a VIN inspection if;

  • if your vehicle is registered in a different state
  • is a homemade vehicle
  • the vehicle has been rebuilt or reconstructed
  • is a kit car
  • any vehicle for which a bond is required ( A Bond for Certificate of Title is required for circumstances where the owner of a vehicle is requesting a Duplicate Certificate of Title or is not able to obtain a properly executed certificate of title upon transfer of ownership pursuant to 31-2-105. The Surety Bond is a one-time non-refundable instrument that allows issuance of a new title. A Bond for Certificate of Title is NOT required for vehicles that are valued at less than $2500.)1

How do I get a VIN Inspection?

Contact your local law enforcement office and they will be able to carry out the inspection.

In Casper, there are actually designated parking spots just for VIN inspections at the Hall of Justice. Located at 201 North David St. Casper, WY, 82601. You do not need an appointment, and inspections can be carried out during normal business hours.

If you need to register your vehicle in Wyoming, but the vehicle is out of state, you can contact a local law enforcement officer in your jurisdiction to perform the vehicle VIN inspection. Find the paperwork here.

What about Nebraska?

Nebraska is similar, you will just need to contact your local county vehicle office. A list of which can be found here.

The fee is around $10.00 for both Wyoming and Nebraska.