In Wyoming, the title process can be a little daunting. Thankfully most of this is done for you when you purchase a vehicle from a dealer.

What has changed?

You will still, however, need to go to your local county clerk’s office to pay your sales tax and get your plates. Plates may have to be purchased if you’ve never had any before. You may have to surrender old ones if changing vehicle type (for example a car to a truck) or to the new Wyoming plate design. Temporary registration tags are now valid for 60 days from the date of purchase instead of the 45 days that it used to be.

This changed in Jan 2017. The nice part about having 60 days is that it gives you longer to save for the sales tax, however, don’t forget that if you financed the vehicle, your first payment will probably be due before this. It used to be due around the same time your temp tags expired (depending on the finance company).

When to go to the county clerk’s office?

About a week to ten days after purchase your paperwork should be ready at the county clerk’s office (although as previously mentioned you have up to 60 days). When you go down to the office, you will need proof of insurance and your vehicle purchase information along with your plates (unless your buying plates for the first time). The clerk will then check all your paperwork and take payment.

If the vehicle is financed, the title will be sent to the finance company or bank. If the vehicle was paid for cash, you will be given the title.

For any questions regarding title work, registration or temporary tag, please feel free to contact us or comment below. You can also contact your local county clerk’s office.