Help on the hunt, with these pickup truck accessories

Heading out into the mountains or prairies this year to hunt, and taking your pickup? Here are some accessories that’ll help the trip.


1. All weather floor mats


Big game hunting season just so happens to be around the time it rains or snows. Hiking through the mud and/or snow is most likely going to leave your footwear dirty.  Then if you get lucky and manage to harvest an animal, you might be even dirtier. Keep the carpets in your truck clean with some all weather floor mats. The plastic/rubber material will be much easier to clean and hose down than regular carpet. Find the perfect sized all weather floor mats at your local dealership parts department.

2.Seat covers

For mostly the same reasons as above, car seat covers are great for protecting the original material (especially if you have cloth seats). This will help when it comes to trading in the vehicle. Keeping the truck in the best possible condition will help retain its value. Universal seat covers can be purchased from the supermarkets, car and truck accessory stores, dealerships and even truck-stops. You’ll find form fitting seat covers from your local dealership parts dept. Note that some manufacturers cannot provide form-fitting seat covers yet due to side airbag restrictions. Mopar, Ford and Chevrolet parts stores will be able to get these for you.


3. RAM BOX Holster

For RAM pickup trucks with RAMBoxes, a holster can be added to either RAMBox to gently and securely hold two rifles. The same holster can also be rotated to hold up to six fishing rods.



4. Bedliner

By Abcflorida [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

A bed liner or bed mat will protect the metal from being scratched by antlers or hooves. The texture will also help to minimize your cargo from sliding around in the bed. Spray in bed liners are now available, usually last longer, and look better than a drop in plastic one.


5. Gun/Bow rack for inside the truck

Secure your rifle or bow safely out of the way by utilizing a rack. says, “Forget about those old-school, rear-window mounted racks that scratch the stock and rattle the scope lose. Today’s gun racks offer a range of options from how they are mounted, ease of access and appropriate padding and safety locks so they don’t come loose”. There are all sorts of mounts available from the back seat, to roof and front seat mounts.


6. Truck Tent

Planning on sleeping in the truck? How about a tent that goes over the bed, like this one from Chevrolet, as a cheaper alternative to an overbed camper/topper. You may want mother nature to be on your side for one of these though.

hunting accessories

Chevrolet Truck Tent


7. Fender well tool box /rifle storage


These sit over the wheel wells in the bed of the truck. Open the tailgate and it’s right there. Some are available with two separate compartments, one for the rifle or shotgun and the other for ammo.



8. Plug-in scent killer

There can be all sorts of smells in vehicles from stale fast food to your own scent. Scents can make all the difference when hunting. Scent Crusher makes the Ozone Go and Ozone Go MAX that plugs into a 12V socket in your truck.

9. Storage organization

Organize your hunting gear with a storage system of drawers and shelved like this one by Decked.

hunting truck drawers

Truck storage system by Decked. Photo: Decked

For more information on Decked storage systems, contact Ameri-Tech or your preferred dealership. Looking fot a truck already outfitted with a Decked system, check out this Silverado.

10. A good jack

No, not the kind that goes with the fizzy black drink, but one that’ll help you if you get stuck. Traveling off-road in your pickup and/or on dirt/gravel roads can put a lot of strain on tires. Obviously, we recommend good tires in the first place, but if you do happen to get a puncture, you might need a better jack. The ones that come as standard might be fine for a highway wheel change, but a more sturdy jack just might save you some grief in the backcountry.



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