Where are the memory seat buttons?

On the driver’s side door panel of your GMC, Chevrolet, Buick or Cadillac, you’ll notice a set of buttons that say SET, 1,2, followed by an image of an open door. Of course, these might vary slightly depending on the year and trim level of your vehicle. The process to program the seats, however, is similar. These features can be turned on or off using the vehicle personalization menu. When you find the perfect settings, then program the memory seats, they can automatically go back to your favorite settings.

set 1 2 door

Memory seat buttons

Some GMC’s, Chevrolet’s, Buick’s and Cadillac’s are fitted with an electronic memory adjustable steering wheel, mirrors, and pedals.Whilst setting the memory for your seats, these features memory settings will also be saved. Memory settings can be attached to specific keys. For example, Driver 1 would keep one key and his settings would be saved for that key. Driver 2 takes the other key and the memories can be attached to that key and the 2nd driver settings.

How to program memory seats

  1. Enter vehicle with key(s) you want the memories to be attached to.
  2. Start vehicle or be in ACC mode.
  3. Move the driver’s seat to a position that is comfortable for you (including the backrest).
  4. Adjust your exterior side mirrors to desired driving positions.
  5. Shift adjustable brake and accelerator pedals (if equipped) to comfortable driving position
  6. On the driver’s door panel, PRESS and RELEASE SET buttonA single beep will sound.
  7. Immediately PRESS and HOLD “1”. Two beeps will sound

If there is no SET button, simple press and hold “1” until you hear two beeps.

Repeat steps for 2nd driver position, instead of holding “1”, hold, “2”. Be sure to enter the vehicle with only the other key, so the memory is saved to a different key.

How to recall memory

Enter the vehicle with driver specific key (if equipped). The vehicle will automatically begin moving the seats, mirrors etc to the positions daved in the memory for that key.


Enter the vehicle and press the “1” or “2” button for whichever driver’s settings you want to recall.

Easy exit driver seat

This feature allows the driver seat to automatically move back into a position that makes it easier to get out. This occurs when the ignition key is removed.

To program the easy exit driver seat;

  1. Vehicle must be in park (P)
  2. Press the ‘easy exit’ button (image of a car with door open, next to the other memory seat buttons)
  3. A single beep will sound
  4. The seat will move back approximately 3 inches
  5. To move the seat even more back, push the button again.

Not sure if you have these features, or want to find out more? Contact the GMC, Chevrolet, Buick store in Riverton Wyoming.

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