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How To Change A Wheel

It always happens at the worst time. You hit a nail or a rock and now you’ve got a flat tire. It is easier than you think to change a wheel. The most difficult part is probably finding the jack that comes with the car. Sometimes the jacks that do come with vehicles aren’t the best. I personally would recommend splashing out on a better jack. You’ll thank me when the time comes.

Here’s a video of our resident tech Scott, at the Casper store to show you how it’s done.


How To:

Step 1.

Prepare your jack, find the socket and wrench to fit the lug nuts (should be in your jack set).

Step 2.

Loosen the lugs nuts just a little

Step 3.

Find the jacking spot under the vehicle. Most likely a reinforced part of metal not too far underneath. Place the jack under here. Raise the vehicle just enough to lift the tire off the ground.

Step 4.

Loosen the lug nuts completely

Step 5. 

Remove the wheel, and replace with new one or spare. Some vehicles you will have to line up holes to holes, in others, the bolts will be on the hub so you can sit the wheel right on the bolts.

Step 6.

Put the lug nuts back on. Start with the top one. Tighten just hand tight.

Step 7.

One you have all the lug nuts back on. Begin tightening all the way. Follow the pattern to ensure proper fitment. Kind of like a zig zag opposite pattern, as shown in the video. This makes sure they are all lined up properly.Click here for pattern picture.

Step 8.

Check all the lugs nuts one more time to make sure they are all tight

Step 9.

Release the jack SLOWLY to let the vehicle down.

Step 10. 

Pack up your kit. You are done!

I realize you might not be carrying around a printout of my blog at the time this happens. There is probably a how-to guide in the owners manual of the vehicle. Be sure to follow manufacturers guidelines.

Do you have any crazy stories to tell about a time you were changing a wheel over?








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