“…Yaris Adventure was made to leave the city (via highway).”

Toyota Yaris Adventure
All new 2020 Toyota Yaris Adventure. Photo: Toyota

2020 Yaris Adventure

For April fools day, Toyota publishes a phony press release about a 2020 Yaris Adventure.

Quote Toyota,
“Now comes a truck that is perfect for those who want to tell their friends they own a truck but never veer off pavement.”

Here’s the specs;

  • 35 mpg
  • Two-speaker (one for each door) multimedia system
  • 6-speed auto transmission
  • 1.5L 4 cylinder
  • 103 horsepower
  • 112 lb-ft of torque
  • The payload capacity a whopping 297 lbs (just enough for some gas and a lightweight passenger).
  • Front tow hooks which Toyota says are,
    “…perfect for getting pulled out of a situation the vehicle shouldn’t have been in to begin with.”
  • 7.6-inches of ground clearance. Which Toyota says is, “…perfect for taking a curb in a mall parking lot or clearing the shrubs when parking in a friend’s front yard. “

Toyota also says in the release,
“The extra cab with rear seating was ditched because it was determined that no one really wants to sit back there anyway.”


Apparently, there will be no warranty offered on the Yaris Adventure, because it would be, “unthinkable” for anything to break.


According to Toyota, anyone smart enough to drive a Yaris means they know exactly where they are going, so no navigation will be available.

“Toyota is very excited to debut this product that nobody saw coming,” said a senior executive at Toyota who preferred to remain anonymous. “We’re constantly listening to our customers and reacting to the market. We have to blame the market on this one, as we haven’t had one customer ask for a truck like this.”

This Yaris Adventure is not a real car/truck. Hope you had a fun April Fools day!

Shortly after releasing this info, Toyota reveal a real new car. The 2020 Yaris Hatchback.