Looking for a vehicle where warranty and budget are top priorities? We’ve compiled a list of some of the cheapest new cars on the market today available at Fremont in WY and NE. When manufacturers quote prices on their website, sometimes they don’t include destination charges or take into account local rebates or discounts. Here are some real cars, already in the State with rebates included.

Just what exactly do you get in a cheaper new car? Here are some of the cheapest options available (as this is written) with some key features.

2016 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan 4dr for $11,491. This is insanely cheap for a brand new car. It has a 1.6L engine and even has a little space in the back. It’s not even bottom of the range either. Features include keyless entry, MP3 player, iPod Input, fog lamps, A/C, 6 -speed automatic transmission with a manual shifting option. Fuel economy is around 36mpg HWY / 28 mpg city, 4 star overall NHTSA safety rating. Warranty is 3yrs 36000 miles and 5 yr/ 60000-mile powertrain.  Not that this vehicle started at over $18k but qualifies for a lot of discounts.    2017 Fiat 500 Pop Hatchback 2dr at $15,490. This cute little 1.4L bubble car comes with premium sound, iPod/MP3 playability, and keyless entry. This particular one is a 5-speed manual but it’s also available in an automatic for about $1000 more. It’s rated for 38 mpg HWY and 31 mpg for city driving. the NHTSA gives it a 4 star safety rating. Warranty is 4yrs/ 50,000 miles.    2017 Toyota Yaris iA 4dr for $16,131. This 1.5L car gets a five-star rating from Car and Driver. Key features include a back-up camera, Bluetooth, alloy wheels and keyless entry. It also rated by the EPA at 40 mpg. 5 star overall NHTSA safety rating. Warranty 3yr/36,000 mile bumper to bumper 5yr/60,000 powertrain. Toyot are very much known for their reliability.    2017 Chevrolet Cruze 4dr 1.4L manual transmission for $16,530. Key features on the Cruze includes the Chevrolet MyLink 7″ touch screen radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Fuel economy up to 39 mpg. 4 star NHTSA safety rating. Warranty is the standard 3yr/36,000 basic and 5yr/60,000 powertrain.    2017 Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2dr at $16,623 1.5L has MP3/iPod input, Bluetooth, ABS, and Electronic stability control. 106hp and fuel economy is rated at 36 mpg HWY / 30 mpg city. The Yaris hatchback gets a 4 star NHTSA safety rating. Warranty 3yr/36,000 mile bumper to bumper 5yr/60,000 powertrain. 

What do these cars have in common?

They all have at least 3 years or 36,000 miles (whatever comes first) of warranty on the vehicle for under $17,000. All of the cars have little engines and are FWD, the advantage of this better gas mileage, so not only cheaper to buy but cheaper to run and maintain. FWD cars to ok in the snow but a set of snow tires would be a good investment for winter if your worried about it and will still work out less than going the AWD/4WD route. Newer vehicles are generally safer and if you’re looking for a less expensive lift-share vehicle one of these would work well. Which one would you choose?Feel free to contact us for more information   “The Official U.S. Government Source for Fuel Economy Information.” Fuel Economy. U.S Dept of Energy, n.d. Web. 21 July 2017.