What is resale or residual value?

Resale or residual value is an approximate valuation of a vehicle upon selling it. Cars and trucks are depreciating assets, which means, they are most likely losing their value (worth) every day. They get used, worn and even if your vehicle sits in your garage, it’s still aging. There are a few exceptions though. Vehicles that are classics or very rare may appreciate in value and become worth more over time.

How much do vehicles depreciate?

In our article, ‘What is my Trade Worth‘, we cover this topic more. In short, “the average vehicle depreciates 15-20% a year. According to CARFAX over 6 years,  the average vehicle loses 60% of its total value.”

Some cars and trucks DO hold their value better than others!

Factors that can affect resale value are; brand reputation, supply and demand, gas prices, and warranty. Here is a list of the top 10 vehicles for 2018 that are predicted to hold their value the best according to KBB.


1. Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma has been top of Kelley Blue Book’s, “2018 Best Resale Value Awards: Top Ten Cars” for quite a while now (four years to be exact), so it’s no surprise it’s still no.1. Nicknamed the ‘Taco’, it’s a smaller truck that packs a punch, especially in the off-road world with TRD Pro and TRD Pro Off-Road versions.


Toyota Tacoma, Photo: Toyota

2. Toyota Tundra

The Tacoma’s big brother, this full-size pickup from Toyota is expected to retain 64.7% of its value according to Kelley Blue Book. The Toyota Tundra is made in Texas and only made for the U.S. market. A 4.30 rear axle ratio is standard on the 5.7 liter equipped trucks with the tow package. Towing capacity is at  9,900 lbs on the 4×4 double cab.

resale value

2018 Toyota Tundra


3. Toyota 4Runner

Another Toyota lands a top spot on the best resale value list. This time it’s an SUV, the 4Runner. Currently in its fifth generation, and remaining mostly unchanged since 2009, the 4Runner has proven a steadfast vehicle. A good four-wheel drive system, along with optional 3rd-row seating and impressive ground clearance make this SUV a winner for families in the mountains. And, it holds its value.

best value

Toyota 4Runner, Photo: Toyota


4. Jeep Wrangler

Ah. A break from typing Toyota. Coming in at number four is the Jeep Wrangler. The infamous Americana off-road beast got a redesign for 2018. More features added inspired by Jeep enthusiasts. When you get a Wrangler, it’s not just a car. It’s a way of life. Ride around in the summer with the top off or go muddin’. At least you’ll be comfortable knowing it made the top ten list of vehicles that keep their value the most. Check out this video we did of a Jeep Aventure in Wyoming.

2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Photo: FCA


5. GMC Sierra

This pickup from General Motors, despite the changes coming for 2019 it still holds a strong place as the 5th best vehicle to hold it’s value. The GMC’s stand aside from their sister Chevy trucks with a little more luxury and refinement. The 2018 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali won Truck Trend’s, ‘Truck of the Year’ award.

best residual value

2019 GMC Sierra AT4, Photo: GM


6. Chevrolet Silverado

The Chevy Silverado is the 3rd most popular vehicle in the state of Wyoming and 6th best vehicle at holding its value. The Chevy’s independent suspension set up gives it a smoother ride for highway miles, especially with the MagneRide™ available on the High Country model. ZR1 packages available for off-road.

truck value

2018 Chevrolet Silverado High Country


7. Ford F-Series

Most popular truck in the United States (including Wyoming for 2017), this award-winning pickup truck series comes 7th. For the 2018 model year, the F-150 got a mid-cycle refresh with new styling cues and added technology. Top of the line trim levels on both half-ton pickups and Super Duty’s have Multi-Contour with Active Motion® (massage) seats. F-150 Power Stroke diesels are now hitting dealer lots throughout the country.

4x4 truck WY

Ford Super Duty, Photo: Ford

8.Chevrolet Colorado

A mid-sized pickup that returned in 2015,  the Chevrolet Colorado has always made the KBB top value list. The Colorado ZR2 edition (off-road trim) is a Motor Trend ‘Truck of the Year’ finalist for 2018. Diesel and gas options are available, with the diesel estimated fuel economy at 28 mpg on the highway. Off-Road.com reported on an AEV (American Expedition Vehicles) converted Colorado potentially going into production. The ZR2 Bison.


9. Honda Ridgeline

A mid-sized pickup that looks very car-ish. This Honda has a 5’3 bed is standard and it has a towing capacity of 5000lbs.

Honda Ridgeline, Photo: Honda

10.Subaru WRX

The only car on this list, the 2018 AWD turbocharged sedan comes in at no.10. With a rally heritage and cult following, this driver enthusiast car is one of few cars still available with a manual transmission. Stiff suspension and a loud exhaust paired with almost 300 hp means you’ll either love or hate this Subaru. The more powerful STI trim has a driver control center differential (DCCD).

2018 Subaru WRX, Photo: Subaru


2019 Top 10 Vehicles With the Best Resale Value, Trucks and SUVs


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