Ground clearance is the distance from the lowest part of the vehicle to the ground. The bigger that distance is, the more ground clearance (clearance of the ground) the vehicle has. This is particularly useful for off-road situations where the car or SUV (sports utility vehicle) needs to clear objects such as dirt mounds, rocks or even snow.

Whilst pickup trucks can also have good clearance, they are not always the most practical option if say perhaps, you need to seat more people. It may also just be a personal preference or it comes down to cost and/or feature availability that you may choose an SUV.

Here are some of the 2017/2018 model year SUVs with the best ground clearance numbers.

SUV’s with the best ground clearance

  1. The Jeep Grand Cherokee (Trailhawk Edition) has an air suspension which gives it a huge advantage. The luxury off-road SUV can be lowered or raised with just the push of a button. The 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a staggering 10.8″ of ground clearance when raised.
    jeep luxury off road

    Photo: FCA


  2. Jeep Wrangler. Unsurprising the Jeep Wrangler comes in next with the new 2018 Wrangler JL Sahara and Rubicon models. With 10″ and 10.8″ of ground clearance respectively. No wonder these machines have an off-road cult following.
    ground clearance

    Photo: FCA


  3. Toyota Sequoia. The flagship full-size SUV from Toyota has great ground clearance at 10″. Not only can this large vehicle negotiate obstacles off-road, but can do it whilst seating people in the 3rd row.
  4. Ford ExpeditionThe 2018 model year Ford Expedition is a complete redesign of the full-size SUV. 9.8″ of ground clearance is impressive for a 3rd-row vehicle that doesn’t really have much of an ‘off-road’ history like some of the vehicles mentioned above do.
    Full size suv in mountains

    Photo: Ford


  5. Toyota 4Runner. The TRD Pro is the top of the off-road equipped model of the 4Runner. With a little extra height on this trim level, the TRD Pro makes 9.6″ of ground clearance.
    Toyota SUV

    Photo: L Baures


  6. Toyota Land Cruiser. Next in line is another one from Toyota. The Land Cruiser is a proven capable vehicle that has been around since the dinosaurs. OK maybe not quite that long, but it’s been a while. The Land Cruiser comes in with 8.9″ of ground clearance.
    Land Cruiser

    Photo: Toyota


  7. Jeep Cherokee. Don’t judge this little one by its size when it comes to ground clearance. The Jeep Cherokee may be smaller than the rest but it can keep up with the big boys. The Cherokee Trailhawk (off-road trim) has 8.8″ of ground clearance.

    Photo: FCA


Now you know which SUVs have the best ground clearance available in Wyoming.