Staff Spotlight: Mike Eble


Mike Eble is the new Sales Manager for the Fremont Motors Scottsbluff Ford and Lincoln dealership.


Mike Eble, Sales Manager, Scottsbluff

Mike Eble, Sales Manager at Fremont Motors Ford and Lincoln Scottsbluff. Photo: L Baures

Where were you born and raised?

“I was born and raised in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada.”

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What brought you to Scottsbluff, NE?

“My mom grew up in a county south of Scottsbluff county. I moved down here to work for my uncle and ended up liking it. So this is home now.

Fremont Motors Scottsbluff

Fremont Motors Scottsbluff

How long have you worked in the Auto Industry?

“When I was in Canada, for about a year, and then here in the U.S. since about 2010. I took a break then came back again.”


How would you describe your day job to a child?

“The way I describe it to my daughters is, I help other people sell cars.”


What is your favorite part of the job?

“Training. Because I get to impart some knowledge on to somebody or a different way of looking at something to somebody. It’s fun to watch them grow and succeed.”

Biggest achievement?

“My biggest achievement would be getting my American citizenship. I get to be part of, what, I do believe this is the best country in the world. I really do, I love Canada, but there’s a lot more potential here. There’s a greater mixing of people and fit in better I guess [Mike chuckles].”


Growing up as a child, what did you want your career to be?

“As a kid, I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up.”


Photo by Martin Brosy

When you aren’t working, what are you doing?

“Spending time with my wife and our three daughters. I go home, go to work, go home, go to work. That’s what I do.

What kind of music do you like?

” A little bit of everything. Mainly country and rock. My favorite artist of all time is George Straight. King George!”


Do you have a favorite food?

“uh…lasagna,” says Mike.


How about your favorite Color?

“Orange. It’s bright and out there. It’s kinda like me. I’m very much an orange type person.”

Favorite movie line?

“Do or do not. There is no try.” From,  The Empire Strikes Back. 

Given the chance, who would you like to be for a day?

“I wouldn’t wanna be anyone else for the day.”

What was your first car?

Mike says, “A 2001 Chevy Silverado.”

If money was no object, what vehicle would you own?

F-150. A Shelby F-150.”