What is remote start?

Remote start is a feature that is becoming more and more popular on automatic (transmission) vehicles. It is almost considered a standard feature with some manufacturers. For example, remote start has been standard on almost all GMC’s for quite a few years now. The feature allows the driver to start their vehicle remotely (ie. from inside the house). Depending on the year and trim of the vehicle, there are two ways this can be done. With the original keyfob or with a smartphone (through OnStar).

How to remote start?

GMC’s, Chevrolet’s and Buick’s are all made by General Motors, so the procedure is the same.

Using the keyfob:


The vehicle will start up and remain running for 10 minutes, or until the driver gets in and either puts the key in and turns to on, or pushes the start button. After 10 minutes of no interaction from the driver, the vehicle will automatically shut off.


Using an APP

There are various apps available that can also remote start your GMC, Chevy or Buick. These work via satellite and can be used from much further away. Depending on the age of the vehicle or whether you just bought it and got a free trial of OnStar, a subscription may be needed. Check with your local GM dealer to find out if you have it or not. Most vehicles come with a free 5 year basic OnStar plan which includes the remote start via app feature, from new.


  • OnStar RemoteLink
  • myChevrolet
  • myGMC
  • myBuick
remote start app

OnStar RemoteLink APP Photo: GM Media

If you haven’t done so already, download the appropriate app for your vehicle on your smartphone (via GooglePlay or Itunes App store etc). You will then need to register/create an account. If you need assistance with is, call or stop by your GM dealer.

Log in to your APP. Tap the semicircle.

Whilst using feature, the doors will always remain locked until unlocked by the driver. So no need to worry about vehicle thefts. The remote start feature can only be used twice consecutively before needing to manually start the ignition.

Hope this helps, if you have any other remote start questions feel free to contact us, comment, or send us a message.