Remote start is such an awesome feature. When it’s frigidly cold outside it means you can warm up the vehicle before you get in or when it’s baking hot and you don’t want to melt on the leather seats that feel like frying pans.

So how do you know if you have remote start on your vehicle? The easiest way to check is to look at your key. There will be a button with a ‘x2’ with an arrow moving in a circular direction.

Ram Truck Remote Start Key 2016

How to remote start your Dodge, Chrsyler, Jeep or Ram Truck

  • Press and release the remote start button twice
  • Within 5 seconds, the lights will flash and horn will honk
  • The engine will now run for 15 mins

There are certain criteria that must be met before the engine will start though. The vehicle must be in P (Park), doors must be closed, hood must be closed, and the hazard switch off. The brake switch must be inactive (brake pedal no pressed), no key in the ignition, enough gas, and there must be sufficient battery charge. Also, the panic button on the remote cannot be pressed. Here’s hoping you don’t need to remote start if you’re being chased by Jack The Ripper and can’t find your vehicle.

The parking lamps will remain on whilst the vehicle is in remote start mode. To avoid vehicle theft whilst remote start is active, power windows and sunroofs are deactivated, and doors are locked.

A really really fantastic feature is the Remote Start Comfort System (If Equipped)

The heated seats and heated steering wheel will automatically turn on when the weather is cold. So by the time you get into your vehicle, if you have leather it is now nice and warm and you wrap your digits around that toasty steering wheel for that, “aaaaah” feeeling!

Not only that, but hey guess what, it does the opposite when its hot. Turns on the ventilated (cooled) seats. There isn’t a ventilated steering wheel yet though.

To shut remote start off

To deactivate the remote start whilst the vehicle is running, simply press the remote start button again.

You can remote start your vehicle twice before the key needs to be in the vehicle (if you have start button) or otherwise started via the ignition…the old fashioned way.

Use your smart phone

Remote Start UConnect App

Click here to find out if your vehicle has UConnect. Apps for compatible smartphones are available from UConnect and MoparOwnerConnect. Register either by pressing the ASSIST button in your vehicle (on the rearview mirror) or online by clicking the link above. This service is available for a trial period with new vehicle purchases. A subscription is required after that.