Wyoming blizzard brings out the mighty neighborly with mighty trucks!

Thanksgiving week around Wyoming and Nebraska has seen road closures after road closures due to a blizzard sweeping over the region. According to the National Weather Service, 20″ of snow fell on Casper Mountain almost overnight. Wyoming is no stranger to the snow and making it worse is the ‘W’ word. The people of Casper know exactly what you mean when you say the ‘W’ word, but you can’t say the full word because it’s like a curse. When it comes (which it does often) it causes even more destruction. Like snowdrifts. Giant snowdrifts. In the middle of the road. And then there are the side roads that haven’t been plowed yet. That’s where Dean Lamb in his 2010 RAM 2500 Laramie MegaCab diesel comes to the rescue.

Video Credit: Aubrianna Carrick of Casper.

“I offered to try pulling him out which he just chuckled at”
Dean Lamb
RAM 2500 truck owner

We ask Dean what happened that day, and here’s what he said

“The conditions were terrible. I had just dropped my son off at school and was coming up 21st by Wyoming blvd and saw another lady stuck but I couldn’t get to her without getting myself stuck so I told her I’d find another way around.”

“Well that brought me to the Circle Drive that he was stuck in. I pulled over and went to see if he needed help. He was pretty embarrassed obviously. His GPS had sent him up there looking for a parts store. He was trying to chain up but was struggling with the snow.”

“Meanwhile the eastbound lane was backing up because cars were getting stuck in a drift on that side as well so a guy came over and asked me if I could start pulling those guys out in the meantime because they were trying to find their way over to pull out a stuck bus.”

“So we pulled a couple cars out of there. When I got back over to the truck driver he hadn’t gotten very far as was getting pretty frustrated.”

 “I offered to try pulling him out which he chuckled at. To which I responded it was worth a shot so I hooked up and plucked him right out of there. He was very grateful and went on his way.”

“My daughter and I kept at it for about another 3 hours people kept getting stuck over by Rocky Mountain Vet clinic also. Got to about 10 vehicles before getting her home for a snack.”

Mr. Lamb goes on say, he wasn’t the only hero that day. 

“There were great people all over town doing it though. Great thing about small towns. I heard of buses, UPS drivers, and ambulances all getting pulled out by random people.”

Mr. Lamb’s daughter riding along the whole time, happy as can be, enjoying the ride as daddy with his RAM 2500 pulls a semi out of snow and many more vehicles! Photo: D. Lamb

Dean Lamb in his RAM 2500 pulls semi out of snow in Casper, WY. Video Credit: Lane Lee.

Disclaimer: Please follow directions in your owner’s manual with regards to towing weights and restrictions. Pulling or towing more weight than a truck is rated for is dangerous and could cause serious damage to your vehicle and void warranty.