RAM Harvest Edition
RAM Harvest Edition Trucks. Photo: FCA Media

Updated: 10/10/2019. RAM Harvest Edition now available in Chassis Cab.

Farmers and colors

Do you know a farmer? Chances are, if you live in Wyoming, you probably do or you are a farmer. You probably also know, that farmers are very proud of the color of their tractor. Are you a farmer that brags about the color of your equipment? Not the case? (pun intended) I don’t believe you because I drive past your ranch, and there they are, the tractor, the swather, and baler, all the same color. What color is your barn again?

Ram Trucks now have ‘Harvest Edition’s to match exactly

Well, that is, if you own a New Holland or Case International. Ram trucks Harvest Edition will come in Case IH Red and New Holland Blue. Why no green I hear you say. The hay, the hay! That’s because FCA, (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) is the parent company of RAM trucks, Case IH and New Holland. You could always be different, and get a yellow colored RAM truck to match the writing and wheels, it just won’t be the ‘harvest edition’ per se. It does come in white or black too (and two-tones). Case IH and New Holland farmers, you just scored. This edition is available on the 1500, 2500, and 3500 four doors (Quad, Crew and Mega Cabs).

What does this farmer friendly truck have?

 RAM Harvest Edition farmer truck
Photo: FCA Media

Some of the features on the Harvest Edition designed to help farmers are;

  • A one-inch lift (every little bit helps) to increase ride height.
  • Aggressive on/off-road tires (very useful for dirt roads, how many punctures have you had driving on dirt roads?)
  • Black tubular side steps (no point getting color coded if they’re going to caked in mud anyway, and cow patty (I’m not talking about the patties you get at the grocery store).
  • Spray-in bed liner.
  • Fold out bumper step (makes it easier to get to the bed).
  • Mud flaps (keep that paintwork nice from the dirt roads).
  • Rubber floors mats (goes without saying, makes it easier to get the poop out).

So boring when you’re feeding

You are cruising along at a whopping 2mph, whilst someone else is busting butt hauling hay out the back of the truck, and you’re trying not to fall asleep. So what do you do in the Harvest Edition? Play with technology. Um yeh, don’t tell me you didn’t ever call the radio on the 24th round because you have to stay awake and get this done before the storm comes. The Harvest edition has lot’s of gadgets to keep you amused, check the weather forecast, look at cool color maps of storms coming in on the 8.4″ UConnect touch screen. Check out Apple CarPlay/Andriod Auto, surf the net with 4G Wifi, or you could still call the radio station (via hands-free Bluetooth). I guess those features are pretty useful on the road too.

What else?

More? You want more?




Ok, here’s what else RAM Trucks are putting into the Harvest Edition;

  • Chrome ‘Wave-Mesh’ luxury cross-hair grille
  • Bright bumpers
  • 17″ chrome wheels on the 1500s
  • 18″ polished aluminum on heavy duty trucks
  • Chrome mirrors and door handles
  • Chrome-tipped dual exhaust on V8 1500s
  • Body colored (or silver) wheel flares
Thankfully it doesn’t come with a pumpkin spice scent.

How much is the RAM Harvest Edition?

Not as much as your tractor. 1500’s start at $39,910 MSRP (plus destination fees). The 2500s will start at $46,235 MSRP (plus destination fees) are on sale third quarter of 2017.

Are you farmer/rancher? What do you think, is this the perfect truck?

Ps. If you have pics of all your matching equipment lined up… send them here!

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