Sheridan ToyotaMark Smith Returns To Fremont Toyota, Sheridan

Mark Smith is practically built in with the walls at Fremont Toyota in Sheridan, WY, however, he did leave for a brief period to pursue his own adventures. He was recently asked back to Toyota and is now here to help you.

Mark has worked in the industry for over 16 years and always for Fremont Motors! He has worked 8 years as a sales consultant and 8 years as a sales manager. Upon calling him for this interview, it’s easy to see why he is very personable and we ended up talking for quite a while. His favorite part of the job is meeting customers and making new friends, he said, “the rest is easy”.

Sheridan, WY is home

Sheridan has been home for Mark his entire life, so chances are, if you’re from Sheridan, you might already know him? “Sheridan is beautiful”, he says, and he would be right.

What does he do when he’s not working? Well, his reply was, “sleep, ha ha….I work 6 days a week, 60 plus hours”. Mark also likes to spend time with his grandchildren. Mark and his wife are raising their grandchildren, so when he does find some time for himself, he likes to ride his motorcycle.

When asked, “What is your favorite food?” Mark replied, “Anything warm haha…I eat anything. I’ve had bad food, but never wrong food”. He even said he would try haggis and mølje (a Norwegian dish made of poached fish, roe and liver). It was a slight surprise to hear his favorite color was gold until he added, “like the Wyoming landscape”. Mark has been to Europe on a trip with Toyota, but still wants to visit Scotland, Ireland, and Austrailia.

Mark Smith and his cars

Mark’s first car was a 1965 Chevy Impala 4 door with ‘3 on the tree’. He then started telling a story about a time at the dealership when a detailer was having trouble with a ‘weird truck’. The detailer explained to Mark that the old Ford was an automatic but had a clutch. Mark assisted the young detailer in explaining how a ‘3 on the tree’ works.

If money was no object, the car Mark would choose to buy, would be a 65 AC Cobra, although he does already have a hobby car. He has a 62′ VW Beetle that has a great story behind it. You’ll have to stop by the showroom and ask him, but bring a Kleenex!

To chat with Mark, you can swing by the showroom at  Fremont Toyota Sheridan, 1614 Coffeen Ave. Sheridan, WY or give him a call on (307) 763-5619.

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