Ford will be ending production of the current generation Focus RS hot hatch in 2018. To celebrate, Ford is bringing out a limited edition RS. Very limited. Only 1000 of them will be manufactured for the U.S. 500 will be made for Canada.

RS quick history

Whilst Ford ‘RS’ edition cars were briefly available in Europe over 40 years ago with the Ford RS1600, a few other RS models were available in the Capri’s, Escort’s and Mexicos. The RS200 was legendary was followed by another legend, the Ford Escort RS-Cosworth. Even back then they were pretty rare with limited numbers made. One RS200 made it to the U.S and sold at auction in 2011 for $159,500. For the most part, though, the U.S. has been left out of the RS scene until the Focus RS came along this year. From rally car pedigree came the AWD hot hatch with drift mode.

What’s the diff?

The current edition Focus RS has 350hp and 350lb-ft torque. The limited edition model will keep the same 2.3L turbocharged engine but gets an upgraded Quaife® limited-slip-diff for the front axle. Ford says, “This limited-edition Focus RS will more easily carry speed through a corner on the track, and allow for maximum acceleration on the way out”.

Focus RS Exterior

Present colors available are the Nitrous Blue, Shadow Black, Frozen White, and Stealth Grey. The limited edition model will only come in Nitrous Blue or the new Race Red. It will also have a couple of other exterior differences such as the gloss black roof, spoiler, and mirror caps.

Ford RS Interior

Carbon fiber trim accents will be added to the door handles, handbrake lever, and boost gauge surround. RECARO® leather and suede (eco-friendly in a track car nonetheless!) seats will be an optional extra, as well as power heated front seats. A heated steering wheel and exterior mirrors and navigation will also be offered.

Other standard features on the Focus Rs include;

  • AWD
  • 6-speed manual
  • Dynamic Torque Vectoring
  • Focus RS Drive Modes: Normal, Sport, Track, Drift
  • Gas-pressurized shock absorbers

Available to order now, for Fall 2017 delivery.

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