Lance Gardner at Fremont Now Volkswagen Master Technician

Lance Gardner has worked for the Fremont Motors Volkswagen dealership in Casper, WY. since 2013. Chad Deaver, Volkswagen Fixed Operations Manager, says that it normally takes technicians 7 years to complete all the required training and testing to become a Volkswagen Master Technician. “Lance is particularly impressive in that he has completed this in just 4 years!”.

Training and testing take place at Volkswagen facilities across the country. Lance has traveled to States such as California, Ohio, Texas, and Colorado to complete training requirements.

What it takes to become a Volkswagen Master Technician

To become a master certified technician, the technician must develop into experts in the areas of;

  • Electrical
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Chassis
  • High voltage

After training and testing the specialist areas, they then must complete a master technician test and a practical diagnostics and repair test. The practical test is performed in front of an examiner. Chad from Volkswagen said that most people fail this test first time, “… mostly due to nerves and technicians not used to having someone standing over their shoulder”. Lance, however, passed this test first time. There are 4005 registered Volkswagen technicians and only 595 master technicians. This makes Lance in the top 14% of VW technicians in the U.S.A.

Lance Gardner awarded with tools and a VW ring

Volkswagen master technician

On Thursday, May 25th, Chad from VW traveled to the Volkswagen dealership in Casper to award Lance with his master technician certification. Lance is presented with a ring and some other tools to help him on the job. The ring has the VW logo on either side and centered with a blue stone that also has the VW logo visible upon close inspection.

Growing up around VW’s

Lance, who is only 24 years old, says he grew up in the trade with his father owning and operating a mechanical repair shop in California. He also added that from an early age he was around Volkswagen’s as several family members had Beetles and buses. Nonetheless, Lance decided California was not for him and so he made the choice to move to Wyoming for work. He enjoys the Wyoming lifestyle with hobbies such as hunting, fishing, and camping.

A real asset to Fremont Volkswagen

General Manager of the Fremont Motors Volkswagen dealership in Casper, Corey Rissler, says, Lance is a real asset to the company. He added that Volkswagen customers, who take pride in their vehicle, can now be confident that an expert certified Volkswagen master technician is available at the dealership.

Volkswagen master technician
Service Dept at Fremont Volkswagen Casper, WY