What is UConnect?

entertainment system

UConnect is the vehicle platform you’ll find in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAMs. The 8.4″ color touchscreen is very user-friendly and easy to use. The system is used to control your entertainment such as radio or music via a media device. It also responsible for connectivity like Wifi, maps in navigation and communication such as phones. Kind of like the smartphone equivalent for your vehicle.

Which vehicles have the UConnect system?

These systems starting to appear in vehicles around 2011 although not all vehicles will be equipped with it. If you have this system or not, depends on which vehicle and trim level you have. Various changes and upgrades have been made since then too, so this video may not apply to your exact model. This video is for 8.4″ up until 2017. To check which system you have click here and if you’d like tips or tricks on a different system, let us know.

What are the favorite apps?

The favorite apps on the screen are the ones aligned along the bottom. Standard favorites might be in order from bottom left : Radio, Media, Controls, Apps, Climate, Navigation (if equipped), then Phone.

Why would I want to rearrange the UConnect apps?

Say for example, you are going on a long road and bad weather is forecast for your drive. You might want to have quicker access to the weather information instead of having to find your way to the app whilst driving. To make it more easily accessible you can make it a favorite app. When it’s a favorite app, it will be an icon on the bottom line up of your screen.

How to make an app a favorite

Go to the apps page. Select the app that you’d like to make your favorite. Press and hold the icon of the app with your finger, do not lift your finger. Drag it to the bottom of the screen over the icon you’d like to replace. You will see the app moving under your finger. Once you have it in place, you can then lift your finger. This app will now stay in your favorites until you decide to change it again or replace it with the original if you don’t need it anymore.