Lifting a truck has a purpose beyond just ‘looking cool’ and more visibility. A full suspension lift adds extra ground clearance making it easier to navigate off-road or in the wilderness, but how much does it cost to lift a truck?

Types of Truck Lift

The cost to lift a truck can vary wildly depending on the type of lift, who fits the lift, and the quality of parts used. There are 2 ways in which to lift a truck; a body lift and a full suspension lift.

Body Lift

Pickup trucks have a body-on-frame construction, which means the body can be separated completely from the frame via some bolts. A body lift simply lifts the body of the truck away from the frame usually by inserting blocks. The frame remains at the same height. A body lift does allow for more room to put on bigger wheels/tires though, which will lift the frame slightly. Typically a body lift is easier to fit than a full suspension lift, however, there are other components that’ll need modifying such as extending the steering linkage.

Lifted Ford. Photo: Filip Mroz.

Be aware, that you get what you pay for when it comes to lift kits. Cheaper kits will have fewer additional components to correct issues that might arise from lifting. A difference in ride quality is also something to consider.

You’ll also need to do a speedometer re-calibration when fitting bigger wheels/tires as well as an alignment.

Suspension Lift

A full suspension lift lifts the frame of the truck which gives more overall ground clearance. Adding bigger tires along with a suspension lift will also help lift the differential higher (usually the lowest hanging part under a truck).

Suspension lift kits include components such as; coil spring spacers, sway bar brackets, track bar brackets, radius arm brackets, pitman arm, bump stop brackets, ride height arms, shock absorbers, and hardware all to make the lift fit correctly.

Adding a lift kit and or bigger wheels puts more strain on the original parts which are not designed or tested for the application and can cause problems. If you are considering lifting an older truck, it’s worth replacing worn-out parts such as CV axles, ball joints, wheel bearings, sway bars, and linkages, etc.

How much does it cost to lift a truck?

How much does it cost to lift a truck with a suspension lift?

From $900-$6000 and more in parts + labor for fitting (6-14hrs) + speedometer re-calibration + alignment.

What does it cost to lift a truck using a body lift?

Anywhere from $200-$800 in parts + labor for fitting (3-7hrs) + speedometer re-calibration + alignment.

Labor costs are going to vary depending on where you have the work done, but typical shop rates are between $90-$150/hr. Speedometer re-calibration around $50-1$00, and alignment another $50-$100, again the price depends on where you live and what shop you take your truck to.

Other factors to consider before lifting a truck are consequences such as power loss, a decrease in mpg, rough-riding, and handling.

On new vehicles, be mindful that modifying a truck may void the warranty. Some manufactures will allow certain tolerance, usually 3″ or less, or if using OEM parts, but it’s a good idea to check with your local dealership first.

Here are some links to OEM lift kits, which should be available for purchase through your local dealer or online.

Mopar Lift Kits ( for Dodge, RAM, and Jeep).

Ford Performance Lift Kit (for F-150, Raptor, and Ranger)

Chevy Lift Kit (for Silverado. A leveling kit is available for Colorado)

Have you lifted your truck? What type of lift did you get, and do you like it? How much did it cost you to lift a truck? LEave us your comments below and help others.