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Teaming up in the name of science

If you live or have lived in Casper, Wyoming and a have a kid or two or five, you’ll likely have heard about The Science Zone. According to VisitCasper, The Science Zone is, “…the ultimate playground with an educational twist”. Fremont Volkswagen of Casper has recently teamed up with The Science Zone by donating the use of a brand new 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan. This enables the Science Zone to continue their outreach programs throughout the Natrona County region. They will be using the SUV to travel to schools. Bringing science right to the doorstep of children in the area.

As The Science Zone moves into the future of education and student engagement, we recognize Fremont Volkswagen as an indispensable partner who is LITERALLY propelling us forward. This partnership results in fuel-efficient and reliable transportation by which the educators from The Science Zone continue the educational outreach” says Jason DeWitt, Development Director at The Science Zone.

Science Zone

Jr Paleontology Academy at the Science Zone

Corey Rissler, General Manager of the Fremont Volkswagen dealership, believes aiding future education and science in the community is incredibly important. He does not think budget cuts in the school systems should impact the future success of our next generation by limiting the resources available to them. Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers is invaluable and necessary. It is our pleasure to help those who want to help our youth move forward and continue their mission!

The ‘Science-Zone-Mobile’ : a Volkswagen Tiguan

VW Tiguan

Jason Dewitt, Development Director of The Science Zone and Corey Rissler, General Manager of Fremont Volkswagen stand in front of a VW Tiguan. The new ‘Science-Zone-Mobile’.

The Volkswagen Tiguan is an AWD midsize SUV that has won a plethora of awards for the brand new design. Just one of those awards is, ‘SUV of the year 2017‘. With 73.5 cu.ft of cargo space available, there’s plenty room for supplies. The car also features the latest in technology with Apple CarPlay, AndroidAuto and available safety features such as;

  • Adaptive Cruise Control,
  • Forward Collision Warning,
  • Blind Spot Monitor,
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking,
  • Lane Assist,
  • Pedestrian Monitoring,
  • Front and rear Park Distance Control (Park Pilot) w/rear Maneuver Braking.

Executive Director of The Science Zone, Steven Schnell says, “We’re incredibly excited and grateful for the ability to send our educators into our community in our new science-zone- mobile! The opportunity this affords us is immense and will certainly help bolster our brand and name recognition across our region, all the while allowing our educators to serve students at schools and events far better.

The Science Zone

Fremont Volkswagen

7-year-old Skye having fun and learning at the Science Zone

Jason Dewitt continues,  “To an undeniable degree, the future of The Science Zone is in the hands of our business partners and corporate donors. Fremont Volkswagen has proven their commitment to The Science Zone and those who enjoy our services. They understand they have a stake in the education and training of our future workforce”.

The Science Zone has operated in different locations and in different capacities, but over those twenty years, has never lost focus of our mission to, “…inspire the mind, to delight the senses and to ignite a passion for the technical arts and sciences.” We specialize in the engagement of young inventors, innovators, and visionaries. Our dedicated and professional staff make it their personal goal to recognize and cultivate the potential greatness of every person who is lucky enough to walk through our doors. Our driving force is our board who is made up of professionals from education, marketing, healthcare, creative arts, and skilled trades.

7-yr-old Skye pictured to the left enjoys her time with The Science Zone ‘playing’ and learning at the same time. For more information on The Science Zone, check out their page here, and more information on the Tiguan, contact Fremont Motors Volkswagen, Casper. 







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