Fremont Motor Rock Springs Among Top FCA Dealerships in Region

The only dealership in the Denver Business region to receive a perfect score from J.D. Power. Fremont Motor Rock Springs, a Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, RAM  dealership wins Customer First Award for Excellence. Only 34 dealerships in the region won this prestigious award.

Fremont Motor Rock Springs

Fremont Motor Rock Springs

Customer First Award for Excellence

The Customer First Award for Excellence is an award given to elite Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, dealerships. FCA compiles the results in partnership with J.D. Power.

Dealerships must excel in various aspects of the business. The criteria consists of five main areas; Customer Treatment, Employee Engagement, Facilities, Processes, and Training Certification. This is for both the sales and service departments within the dealership. This is exactly what Fremont Motor Rock Springs has achieved.

Customer first Rock Springs award

What made this award possible for Fremont Rock Springs

Steph Staton, Customer Experience Manager at the Fremont Motors Rock Springs, dealership tells us more.

What did you implement at the store to make this award a reality?

“We identified process improvements. Aligning with Chrysler’s pillars to adopt a culture that proved to provide an excellent environment. A good setting for our employees results in a better experience for sales, service, and parts.  These processes were specific in nature and required meetings with each department to review all of their individual processes. Ensuring they align with Chrysler’s goals and objectives while still adhering to Fremont’s processes.  Communicating the processes to the frontline to ensure a proper rollout and training. The award – while daunting at first – has allowed all employees to “level up” and rise to the occasion to adopt these practices on a daily basis.”

What does this mean for Fremont Motor Rock Springs customers?

“Dealership customers now experience improved communication in their visits from start to finish both in sales and service.  The environment is more customer-focused on providing a warm and welcoming area and overall culture. Our processes have drastically improved our reputation in the community raising our Google rating increased.  We’ve heard from various customers and businesses in the community that they have seen and experienced very positive changes. A Dealerships reputation is EVERYTHING!!!!”

Staton says, “A BIG THANK you to all of the employees at Fremont CJDR Rock Springs. Embracing this as an opportunity to change, improve and really “level up.” This is not an award that is easily achievable.  We were 1 out of 34 stores in the Denver Business Center to receive the award the only store to receive a perfect score of the JD Powers Certification.”