Fremont Motors is now a Fiat Dealer


We are excited to announce that Fremont Motors will now carry a full line up of new Fiat Models. Fremont Fiat dealerships are in Casper, WY and Rock Springs WY. The first shipment arrived today. We received a white Fiat 500, a green 500L (which is a bigger version of the 500) and yellow 500L. A 124 Spider Classica, a 500X and a 500 Abarth are currently on the way. More vehicles will available as soon as they arrive.

Never heard of Fiat?

Fiat is an Italien car manufacturer that has been around Europe for donkeys with original Fiat 500s and has a cult following almost as big as Minis and VW campers.

The car was noted for having ‘suicide doors’. ‘Suicide Doors’ got that name because they opened the opposite way to most doors. Thankfully the new ones don’t have ‘suicide doors’ as this might be an issue in the Wyoming wind!

They are definitely fun quirky cars and its something that every gear head should drive at one point in their life.

Introduced in North America in 2011, Fiat brings, “simple, yet modern design, blending form and function beautifully”. 1

The Fiat 500 Abarth

The Fiat 500 Abarth is the sporty version with a 1.4 engine. Ok I know you are thinking, bah, a 1.4 engine in America, that tiny, but wait for it…it has a multi air turbo engine. The engine delivers 160hp and 170lb-ft of Torque. 183lb-ft torque in the automatic transmission version.

Twin intercoolers, bucket seats and a boost gauge to name a few of the cool features. 0-60mph in 6.9 seconds is pretty respectable for a car that can get up to 34mpg on the highway. Official figures can be found here.

Fremont Fiat

Photo: Fiat

So you like the style but need AWD. Yes. The Fiat 500X is available with an AWD option. This crossover has the option of a ‘Dynamic Selector’,

“The available Dynamic Selector Traction Control System helps you make the most of the road ahead with three customized modes for optimal performance. Auto is for routine everyday driving. Sport provides a sporty, more rapid driving response. Traction+ maximizes low-speed traction on low-friction and off-road surfaces, for when the road gets a little slick or bumpy.” 2

Vehicles start at $14,995.