Ford Inventions

What Vehicle Invention Would You Make?

Ford is currently topping the industry for patents granted in 2016. What is really cool about that is the Ford Employees are responsible for a lot of those. “U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Ford approximately 1,500 U.S. patents to Ford employees so far this year – more than any other automaker, according to agency data”  1

This now brings Fords total patents to a whopping 3,200 throughout the world this year.


Inventions include an autonomous vehicle including drones, the Ford eChair an invention to make it easier for wheelchair users. An electronic wheelchair that is lightweight and self-loads.There is also one in the pipeline for a water system. The system collects condensation from the vehicle, followed by a little bit of filtering and a little bit of pumping and walla you have drinking water from a faucet (tap) in your vehicle. That could be huge! Not sure how well it would work in dryer states like here in Wyoming, however for people traveling with babies would be a miracle. The system, Ford is calling,’On-The-Go H2O’.

Photo: Ford Media

Then there is the Carr-E.”Carr-E’s multipurpose functionality separates it from other electric personal transportation devices. In addition to carrying riders, Carr-E can be used to transport heavy objects. Users simply place the object on the device and it will follow an electronic transmitter they keep in their possession” 1

Photo: Ford Media

Ford has a ‘maker space’ in Michigan, which is a huge workshop full of technical equipment allowing people to tinker and brainstorm to come up with new inventions. They have also recently opened another ‘maker space’ in Nanjing, China.

Ford are carrying on a long tradition of inventions and patents. They were responsible for the first quadricycle (a horse-less cart) in 1896.   2

What do you think of the Ford inventions? What would you invent for a vehicle?

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