pickup truck emoji
Ford Pickup Truck Emoji

No pickup truck emoji?

According to emojipedia.org, there are 3,019 emojis currently in the Unicode Standard. Of those 3,019 included is everything from a smiley face to a studio microphone. Within the travel and places category, there are icons for a tram car, race car, taxi, police car, bus, and even an articulated lorry. But no pickup truck!

Ford designs a pickup truck emoji

“When customers started demanding a truck emoji, we knew we had to help make it happen,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president, automotive. “Given the popularity of Ford trucks globally, there’s no one better than Ford to help bring an all-new pickup truck emoji to hard-working texters around the globe.”

In charge of emoji’s is the Unicode Consortium. Every year, people submit new emoji designs for consideration, and the Unicode Consortium decide whether they are allowed or not according to the guidelines.

 “Our team spent a lot of time digging through message boards, texting influencers and watching social media feeds to really understand our customers’ needs,” said Craig Metros, Ford North America design director. “People want a truck emoji that’s fresh, stylish, carries their ideas, and ‘tows’ the line on what a truck means. The end result is a modern icon that should give all truck fans a smiley face emoji.”

What gets a new emoji approved or rejected?

According to the Unicode, exclusions for emojis would be factors such as; overly specific, open-ended, already represented, logos, brands, specific people, deities, signage, faulty comparison or transient.

Factors for a new emoji approval are; compatibility, frequently requested, multiple usages, use in sequences, evidence of frequency, breaking new ground and image distinctiveness.

When will the pickup truck emoji be decided?

We will have to wait until June 2020 when the next batch of emojis are released to our phones.

Your thoughts on the emoji?

What do you think of Ford’s design? Do you think Unicode will approve the truck emoji? Will there be an emoji movie sequel with a pickup truck?