Words that might seem like a little bit of an oxymoron, but you read it right. The Chevrolet Tahoe RST is coming soon along with a Suburban RST. RST stands for Rally Sport Truck.

It seems to be quite the trend to buy your Tahoe or Suburban then trick it out to make it look ‘street cool’. Chevrolet has caught on to this trend and made this RST edition available straight from the factory. They have previously had editions such the Midnight edition, and Realtree edition.

Rally Sport Truck
Photo: Chevrolet Media

Eric Stancza, Chevrolet chief engineer of full-size trucks, says the inspiration for this special edition came from aftermarket performance. The engine will be the 6.2L V-8 (est 420hp) paired with the 10-speed transmission and magnetic ride suspension.

There are no exact numbers for specs available yet but Chevrolet media are hinting at 0-60 in less than 6 seconds and towing capacity at 8,400lbs.

As far as styling goes, Chevrolet has removed the chrome and replaced it with either body colored trim or black trim with black bow-ties. 22 in rims will be available with Bridgestone tires, although they don’t say what kind of Bridgestone tires. Accessory options will include a Borla performance exhaust for the RST, and Brembo 6 pot calipers (that you’d normally find on a high-end sports car).

“When you want to hustle, it is incredibly fast, with significantly higher levels of acceleration, braking, and road-holding grip,” said Eric Stanczak. “When you want to relax, it is very refined, with exceptional ride comfort and interior quietness.”

Chevrolet Tahoe RST and Suburban RST editions will be available in showrooms later this year. So now you can have all your kids and their friends and teddys bears and soccer equipment, school bags and diaper bags, in the back and be the coolest Suburban at school drop-off!

Chevrolet Tahoe RST

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