Here’s a quick tutorial on changing the time/clock on a 2016/2017 model year Jeep Renegade. First, you will have to figure out which screen version you have. Look at the pictures below and compare to the one in your vehicle.

2016/2017 Jeep Renegade

There are three different screen models in the Renegade. The 3.0 (RA1), 5.0 (RA2) and the 6.5 (RA4).

How to change the clock on the 3.0 (RA1)

Renegade screen

3.0 (RA1)

  • Press the MENU button (middle bottom of the radio)
  • Push ENTER/BROWSE (bottom right)
  • Select TIME and FORMAT
  • Use the ENTER/BROWSE button to select SET TIME
  • Hours and minutes can be adjusted by turning TUNE/SCROLL knob
  • Push the ENTER/BROWSE button to move to the next section
  • When you’re happy with time set, press BACK to exit

How to change the clock on the 5.0 (RA2)

5 inch screen

5.0 (RA2)

  • On the right-hand side of the radio, push the MORE button
  • Press the SETTINGS option on the touchscreen
  • Select CLOCK and DATE
  • Press SET TIME
  • Touch UP or DOWN arrows to set the hours and minutes
  • Select 12hr or 24hr format
  • On the touchscreen, select DONE to exit

How to change the clock on 6.5 (RA4)

jeep screen

6.5 (RA4)

If the clock is not displayed, on the touchscreen press SETTINGS then CLOCK, followed by ON.

On the 6.5 (RA4) system, the clock is automatically updated using information from the GPS. If for some reason, you need to set it manually here’s how:

  • On the touchscreen, select the clock display
  • A message will appear asking if you’d like to set the time
  • Press YES
  • Select “+” or “-” to adjust the hours and minutes

Fun fact, Daylight Savings is not always on the same date, but it always on a Sunday.

For Wyoming, in 2018 Daylight Savings Time will change on Sunday, March 11th. At 2 am the clocks will go forward. On Sunday, November 4th, at 2 am the clocks will go back.

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