Fiat Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

Heated and Vented Seats

Remember when?

You might remember back in the days when heated seats were just becoming an option. People were wary at first because it might have felt like you had an accident more common with potty training toddlers.

Now that we’ve gotten used to them, heated seats are pretty much standard on most mid-trim level vehicles. Heated and ventilated (cooled) seats can be found on higher trim levels. Living in Wyoming, the temperatures fluctuations throughout the year can be anything from -40°F to +100°. This means that those auto-on comfort heated and ventilated seats can be well used.

Auto-on comfort

Chryslers, Dodges, Jeeps, and Rams have a feature available called, “Auto-On Comfort”. Usually available in higher trim levels where, at certain detected temperatures, the heated or vented seats will automatically start. At 40° F outside temperature or colder, the drivers heated seat will kick in along with heated steering wheel (if equipped). At 80° F or hotter, the drivers vented seat will automatically start to cool. This happens upon starting the engine of the vehicle, whether that be from inside or via remote start. Heated and vented seats are only available with perforated leather. The perforations (tiny holes) are to allow the cold air to come through. You might think that you’d be safe with a beige colored leather in the summer.

Let me tell you, the other day I went out to a vehicle that had beige leather. The temperature was around 96° F and the car was sitting in the sun all morning.

I won’t go into great detail but what I can tell you is that I either should have worn pants (not shorts) or remote started the vehicle and the let the AUTO-ON COMFORT feature do its thing. The blower will also start to either cool or heat up the vehicle.

Why it is such a great feature?

I really find this a great feature when used in conjunction with remote start. Not just for my own comfort but for the safety of kids and/or babies! It means that I can either cool or heat the vehicle to a more normal temperature before even putting the kids in there and not have to worry about going out to the vehicle and using the key to start the vehicle, risking theft or the doors locking the keys in there etc.

Using the remote start feature on the Uconnect smartphone app will also enable AUTO-ON CLIMATE.

What if you don’t want auto heated/vented seats to automatically turn on?

On the 8.4 in Uconnect ® touch screen, select APPS, then go to SETTINGS then scroll down to AUTO-ON COMFORT.

You will then have the option to turn the automatic system completely off, only on remote start or keep it on for every start. The menu also gives you the same options for the heated steering wheel.