What is Ford STEAM?

Ford Motor Company has a program called STEAM. Steam stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Ford explain that the mission and purpose of the STEAM programs is to inspire the child of today. “For more than 30 years Ford has been inspiring young people to seek knowledge, be curious, solve problems and, like Henry Ford himself, make dreams of a better world come true”.

2017 City of Tomorrow™ Challenge

Ford has teamed up with Destination Imagination to create a challenger for kids aged 8-14 years old. The whole family is encouraged to get together and think like an engineer. Ford is currently working environmentally friendly mobility solutions for a healthier future. Children are invited to design their own solution of making cities more efficient and accessible.


You and your child can explore different Ford Engineer profiles here and also find out more about the contest.

Children are to design a prototype by making a scale version or model of their idea. Ford says that household items can be used and adult can guide the child through the process of building it. They also say that the prototype does not have to function ‘exactly’ just as long as it gives the impression of what the child is trying to represent.

The prototype solution should be given a name and photographed. The name of the prototype should be visible somewhere in the photograph.

The people at Ford Motor Company and Destination Imagination will judge the contest on:

  1. Overall creativity* of the smart mobility solution prototype, up to 50 points.
  2. Creative use of materials, up to 25 points.
  3. Creativity of the prototype name, up to 25 points


1st prize is $5000 Scholarship Funding and a Ford STEAM experience in Dearborn, Michigan.

2nd prize is $3000 in Scholarship Funding

3rd prize is $2000 in Scholarship Funding


Official rules can be found here.

Download the challenge

Ford STEAM City of Tomorrow Challenge


Click this link to enter https://social.ford.com/content/ford-steam/city-of-tomorrow-challenge.html#


Good luck, and let us know here at Trusted Auto Professionals by Fremont Motors if you enter, we’d love to see your ideas!


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