Who is Alexa?

Alexa is a personal assistant in virtual form through a cloud-based system from Amazon. It was designed to compete with voice command systems like Siri from Apple. Using an Amazon speaker system such as the Echo, Alexa can perform tasks such as playing music or turning on house lights through a smart home system. Alexa has what are called, “skills”, and Amazon is constantly updating the “skills” available to Alexa, making her smarter and smarter as time goes on.

In a recent Toyota press release, the head of product for Amazon Alexa Automotive, John Scumniotales, said, “Our vision for Alexa is that she should be everywhere a customer might need her – at home, in the office, on phones – and in cars. This integration means that customers can interact with Alexa, virtually anywhere they drive”. Sounds like world domination and another step towards autonomous vehicles to me. Whether we like or not, its coming and now it’s another step closer.

As well as Toyota introducing Alexa into select Toyota’s with the Toyota Entune 3.0 App Suite, Jeep also announced the feature as available on 2018 Jeep Cherokee’s.

2018 Jeep Cherokee with Tech Connect

The 2018 Jeep Cherokee Latitude with the ‘Tech Connect’ Package will have a UConnect “skill” available for Alexa. Users will be able to use commands to the system to;

  • Start the vehicle’s engine
  • Lock or unlock the doors
  • Send navigation requests
  • Check fuel levels
  • Check tire pressures

The Cherokee with Tech Connect package will also come with an Amazon Echo Dot device, a 3-month subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited (family plan). Also included is a 3-month subscription to Audible.

Jeep is also setting the car apart by slightly modifying the exterior look. Cherokee’s with the Tech Connect package will also have painted lower cladding in black, and a gloss black finish on the chin applique. The grille will get an upper and lower surrounds. 18″ painted aluminum wheels, as well as roof rails and badging, are also featured.

4x4 modern connected

2018 Cherokee Tech Connect Package


To find out more about the Jeep Cherokee with Amazon Alexa, feel free to contact us, or get in touch with a Jeep salesperson at Fremont Motors.


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