Volkswagen SUVs

The Touareg is the biggest option at the moment but is probably losing out on a market share that needs the 3rd row. Even if you don’t need all the seats, the amount of room that kids take up is unreal, by the time you load up; a diaper bag, or school bag, a stroller, the favorite teddy that is the size of a giant mammoth you won at the fair, then there is the favorite ‘blankies’ they can’t live without.

Oh and if it’s an overnight trip to somewhere don’t forget the pack and play, spare clothes suitcase and another bag of toys/food. So put all that stuff in the middle row, kids in the 3rd row and it’ll somewhat muffle the noise of the fighting, screaming, or singing. So yes, in America, a 3rd-row vehicle is something parents need VW.

Here it is… The 3rd Row 2018 Volkswagon Atlast… no wait, Atlas.

It’ll be a 7 seater, SUV. “A machine that delivers freedom”, says Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagon Head of Design.

If you do decide to put the kids in the 2nd row, here’s the really good part. “The functionality of the seven-seat layout was paramount in the Atlas’ development, with third-row seats that do not suffer in comfort compared to the second-row location, and an easy-access system to the third row that is usable even if car seats are installed in the second row. Tomasz Bachorski, Volkswagon Interior Designer says.1 That is a pretty big deal right there.

Made in America

VW has typically always been a small car brand catering to the European market. They now seem very excited to be delving more into the American side. Production is beginning on the new model Volkswagen Atlas in Chattanooga, TN. “We are so proud that this vehicle was not only designed for the American market, but we built it in our factory right here in Tennessee,” said Hinrich J. Woebcken, CEO of the North America Region Volkswagon. Another tick in the box for Americans who appreciate goods made in the U.S of A.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas
2018 Volkswagen Atlas

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