Volkswagen Golf R goes colorful

No offense Volkswagen, but about time! Aside from the Habanero Orange and Kurkuma Yellow (gold) colors offered by VW, the rest of the colors are mostly bland. Safe. But bland. Especially if the Volkswagen dealership is next to a Dodge dealership (who have lot’s of wild colors) like in Casper, WY. Not to fear,  Volkswagen will cheer up the roads a little with the 40 new custom Golf R colors available.

Not just a sports car

The Golf R is an AWD sports car that puts out 292 horsepower. Currently, the Golf R is available in 5 colors; blue, red, black, gray and white. Whilst sports cars do typically look good in those colors, the Golf R is more than just a sports car. It is an enthusiast car with a following, shaped in part by a tuning and modification scene. Being a part of that scene is about customizing your own vehicle to stand out from the crowd. I have been part of this several times with various vehicles. One time I couldn’t decide which custom paint color to get so I ended up with ‘chameleon’ paint (one that changed colors). Don’t judge me, it was the noughties! It also cost a lot of money at the time, so this is super cool that Volkswagen is now offering to do it from the factory.


Cool colors straight from the factory

It’s cheaper having the car painted at the factory. Not only that, but it’ll be done by robots, that will probably do a better job than most body shops. Also, having a custom paint job from new means there isn’t any prep work involved before the changing the color. For example, if you wanted to change the color of your car,  usually you’d need a different color base coat Then there’s stripping the engine if you do the engine bay, removing windows and fixing any dents etc. This all adds up in labor costs and potentially parts that might need to be replaced along the way. Volkswagen’s MSRP for custom colors on the 2019 Golf R is $2,500, which is very very reasonable.

Heritage and personality inspired colors

Volkswagen say that they researched the colors to appeal to owners and also pay homage to heritage vehicles. One of the VW classics includes the MK3 Scirocco which came in a Viper Green color, one of the colors available.

Golf R colors

2019 Volkswagen Golf R in Viper Green


Other classic colors that have stood out in Volkswagen’s history are ” …Deep Blue Pearl from the Mk4 and Mk5 R32, Ginster Yellow from the 1997 Driver’s Edition GTI, and Mars Red from the Mk 1 GTI.” Depressingly, I am writing the word history along with these colors, but I actually remember them. Way to feel old, but it’s for sure nostalgic and get’s the feelers going for us car enthusiasts.


Golf R colors

2019 Golf R in Gingster Yellow


Which of the Golf R colors would you choose?

golf r colors


If you are interested in more about ordering a 2019 Golf R in a custom color or would like to see the Golf R colors on a sample card (on route to the dealership), you can contact Fremont Volkswagen in Casper.