2017 Motor Trend Truck Of The Year goes to the Ford Super Duty. This is not an award to be taken lightly. ” In this year’s field, the Ford Super Duty trucks emerged as the intuitive choice. One that had to be scrutinized, analyzed, and picked apart in subsequent days of testing. Some competitors rose in standing in the course of our evaluations, but none so much that the Super Duties needed to sweat.1

The towing capacity of the 2017 Ford F-350 model Super Duty makes it class leading with a whopping 32,500lbs for gooseneck towing and 7,360lbs max payload. Conventional towing up to 21,000lbs.(Figures based on F-350 6.7L Diesel DRW Regular Cab 4×2)  These figures will change depending on the model setup.

There are 15 trucks to choose from, including short wheelbase, long wheelbase, single rear wheel, and dual rear wheel. 4×2 probably isn’t going to be much use in northern states, so here are the specs on the 4×4.

2017 Ford F-350 Regular Cab 4×4 142″ 8′ Box 6.7L V8 Diesel

  • Conventional Towing Max Wt Carrying 18,000lbs
  • Conventional Towing Max Wt Distribution 20,00lbs
  • 5th Wheel limited to hitch rating of 27,500lbs
  • Gooseneck 32,000lbs

Styling wise, the interior is very similar to the half ton trucks other. The exterior is has a new rear arch design in the DRW trucks with exclusive boxy, square rear arches.

Cool features include the Trailer Reverse Guidance (standard on the F-350DRW). A system designed to ease backing up to a trailer. It uses 3 cameras with different views and helpful graphics to assist in hooking up to a trailer. Another new feature is the Smart Trailer Tow Connector. It provides information to the driver on trailer connections, lighting, and battery status. This is included with the optional towing packages.