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Dodge Demon Prices

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon If you missed our first post on the Challenger SRT Demon, you can read it here, http://tap.fremontmotors.com/automotive-news/dodge-demon-why-hype/ most of the information about the vehicle had been released at that time, other than...
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Limited Edition Focus RS As Ford Ending Production In 2018

Ford will be ending production of the current generation Focus RS hot hatch in 2018. To celebrate, Ford is bringing out a limited edition RS. Very limited. Only 1000 of them will be manufactured for the U.S. 500 will be made for Canada. RS quick history Whilst Ford...
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Review: 2017 RAM Power Wagon Off-Road

The Power Wagon is the top of line off-road truck from RAM. The truck starts out as a heavy-duty 2500 RAM crew cab with the 6.4 Liter V8 Hemi engine. If the half ton RAM Rebel isn't enough for you then the Power Wagon is where it's at. I remember a hunting trip in the...
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Steering Wheel, Stitching and Saddle Bags : RAM Laramie Longhorn

Ram Trucks have a long history and heritage associated with being a farmers, ranchers and cowboys truck. The Laramie Longhorn edition of the truck resonates exactly that with the interior design, name, and even the exterior two-tone paint. As a top of the line luxury...
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Ford Raptor Assault For Owners

Ford Raptor Assault Program Ford has set up a complimentary driving course for 2017 Raptor owners, where the course teaches and enhanced off-road driving skills from rock-climbing to extreme Baja and desert driving. Whether you are a beginner or expert, the course is...
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Denver Auto Show: VW Atlas 3rd Row SUV

The 2017 Denver Auto Show gave us a real life glimpse of the brand new Volkswagen Atlas, which is a pretty huge deal for VW. We were able to grab a quick interview with William Gock, Senior Specialist in Product Communications fro Volkswagen of America Inc. Here's...
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What Is A ROUSH Mustang?

Who are Roush? Roush is an aftermarket tuning and crate engine company, that was started in 1995 by Jack Roush. Jack had a passion for racing and hot rods. Jack Roush Jr. of Roush Performance races in the Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge. Roush performance is a...
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Dodge Demon, Why All The Hype?

The Dodge Demon You might have heard some people in the hallway recently talking about a fast car. Yes, it's true and there's hype because it's a really fast car. A really fast car that you can buy from a dealership that is made in a factory with others alike. Only...
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How Close Are Autonomous Vehicles?

GM (General Motors) starting building and testing Autonomous vehicles back in 2015, and have since tested on public roads in Michigan. Whilst some states, such as a California require reporting and logs from manufacturers on autonomous vehicle malfunctions, Michigan...
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Denver Auto Show: Press Release On All New Jeep Compass

All new Jeep Compass One of the most exciting events for Fiat Chrysler Automobile's at the 2017 Denver Auto Show, was the release of the new Jeep Compass. The Compass has looked a little dated compared to the rest of the lineup for a while now. The new Compass looks...
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Your Questions!

Staff Spotlight: Corey Rissler

Corey Rissler has recently been promoted to General Manager at the Fremont Motors Volkswagen dealership in Casper, Wyoming. At the young age of 26, this makes Corey one of the youngest dealership general managers within the company. His determination, strong work...
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Can I Flat Tow My Vehicle?

Flat towing is also called dinghy towing, four-down towing,  which is when you tow a vehicle behind a motorhome. Not all vehicles are suitable to be flat towed, so here is a guide for which 2016 vehicles can be flat towed. Always check your owners manual to be double...
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Fremont Motors Technician in Top 14% in USA.

Lance Garnder is awarded 'Master Technician Certification'.   Lance Gardner has worked for the Fremont Motors Volkswagen dealership in Casper, WY. since 2013. Chad Deaver, Volkswagen Fixed Operations Manager, says that it normally takes technicians 7 years to...
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Do You Know How To Calculate Stopping Distances?

What is stopping distance? Stopping distance is how far it takes your vehicle to stop after applying the brakes. Calculating stopping distance is important for avoiding potential wrecks or hazardous situations. What affects stopping distance? There are many variable...
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How To Video: Set Up Bluetooth Phone & Hands Free Calling (RAM)

What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a technology that uses short range radio waves to connect devices. Usually a cell phone to a computer. In this case we are talking about connecting a cell phone to a truck, so you can make/answer calls without touching your phone....
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Staff Spotlight: Dave Stricker, Fremont Ford, Sheridan

David Stricker David is a Senior Master Technician, gas, and diesel at the Fremont Motors Ford & Linicoln Dealership in Sheridan, WY. We interviewed him to find out a little more, here are the questions we asked; How long have you worked in the Industry? 35 years....
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View From The Hood: Camp JEEP

What is Camp Jeep? Camp Jeep is an off-road driving course set up inside at auto shows throughout the country. Several off-road-like obstacles are set up for people to experience the vehicle's capabilities in a safe environment. We were lucky enough to get a few trips...
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How Do You Remove an Ex from Car Loan?

So you have the perfect vehicle that your partner co-signed on, but they weren't quite as much of a match, so now what do you do about the loan? You are both technically responsible for the loan. Regardless of who uses the car, or one decides to keep it, both persons...
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What Is A Cabin Air Filter And When Does It Need Replaced?

What Is a Cabin Air Filter? Just like a house with a furnace filter. The cabin air filter in vehicles is a fibrous filter. It blocks dust, pollution, and bacteria coming in through the heating and air conditioning system. Sometimes you may even find twigs and leaves...
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Jeep, Why The 7 Bar Grille?

The Jeep 7 Bar Grille The 7 bar grille is a representation and trademark of Jeep. Have you ever noticed when looking at Jeeps, what makes them all look kind of similar? It's that front grille. It's on Jeep vehicles from the Renegade to the Wrangler and pictured below,...
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Local Events

College Rodeo Competitor Wins RAM Truck

Every year the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) give away a RAM truck to a college rodeo student. All of the competing students are entered into a draw to win the truck. NIRA Commissioner Roger Walters pulls out a name at random during the drawing in...
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1st Annual Import Car Show Fremont Volkswagen

2017 hosts the first year of the Annual Import Car show at Fremont VW in Casper, WY. With the Mopar show going on next door at the Dodge dealership in Casper, an import car show was introduced at the Fremont Volkswagen store. Employee of the VW store, Ray Parnell, is...
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2017 Fremont Mopar Car Show

On Memorial weekend, Cruizin' with the oldies hosts a few car shows across Casper, WY. Old meets new at the Mopar car show held at the Fremont Motors Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealership. Despite the somewhat depressing weather with heavy intermittent rain,...
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Memorial Weekend Car Show Casper

  Whether you are a car enthusiast, owner or not, you can participate in the several car shows coming up soon in Casper. Over the memorial day weekend, Cruisin' with the Oldies car club will have shows all across town. Here's the low down; Friday May 26th Import...
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Real People, Real Owners: Will Morgan Video (Jeep)

Will Morgan Will Morgan, from Casper Wyoming, has a plethora of Jeeps and is a mountain of knowledge for these machines. He currently drives a 2014 JKU Unlimited Rubicon as his daily driver. Growing up around Jeeps as a young boy Will has been involved with them ever...
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St. Patrick’s Day Music Playlist

St Patrick's Day is on March 17th every year. The day was originally for celebrating the patron Saint of Ireland who brought Christianity to the country. Now, It's all about Ireland and Irish culture. Here's a playlist with a mix of Celtic, Irish, Folk and Scottish...
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Toyota Dream Car Art Contest For Kids

Do you know a kid with a wild imagination that can draw? The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is running for the 11th year. Teachers can order a FREE kit here. The contest is open to kids ages 4-15. There are three different age categories overall, 4-7, 8-11 and 12-15....
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Race On Ice: Casper, WY

What is Ice Racing? This coming Sat 21st January, the Xtreme International Ice Racing will be coming to Casper as part of their tour. The speedway bikes and four-wheels are modified to compete on ice indoors. With over 2000 metal studs added to the tires, they go from...
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Welcome To The New Fremont Motors Blog

Hello, and Welcome to the NEW Fremont Motors Blog! https://youtu.be/G6maZX0wusw   My name is Lauren and I am from Scotland originally, where we call trunks boots, a 2.0 liter is considered a big engine, a hood is called a bonnet (like the hat) and a bed is...
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